Toxic Husband, If Angry Always Curses Our Child Dies Quickly


My husband is not like husbands in general. He wants to help with household chores, Bun.

My husband, besides working, the person always helps with the washing, drying, sweep, mop. It’s just that, yes, it’s all done while mumbling and said harshly.

Honestly, I’m tired of hearing that. What I am most worried about is that the children will imitate. Indeed, he is not light-handed. It’s just that when you’re angry, it’s easy to say “dead” to children.

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My heart hurts a lot, Bun. Mother certainly understands how hard it is for us to bring children into this world. But he lightly even swear they die. even though talk that’s a prayer, right!

I was always reprimanded, but this habit continues. I am now at the stress stage of hearing verbal abuse being said.

What annoyed me even more was that in other people’s eyes he was a good man. In fact, if you are with your wife and children, gosh, her mouth is so evil. He never shouted when he insulted us, but he was very rude.

After that he never apologized. In the end, I’m just like a sick idiot alone, the culprit doesn’t even know what’s wrong.

I’m just afraid my son will follow his rudeness. Even now the indications are starting to appear, Bun.

What should I do? I guess if I’m the one being nice to the kids, even though it’s the father toxic, will they follow my influence? Or is it still affected by the bad influence of his father?

Ask for advice, yes, Bun.

(Mother Mandahelmi, did not provide location)

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