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The inspiration this time was a traveler and also a female blogger named Rahma Ahmad or also known as the Backpacker Hijab.

Starting from his profession as a journalist, Rahma had the opportunity to travel around Indonesia and finally decided to focus on his blog.

Curious about the exciting story of Rahma traveling to anti-mainstream countries such as Azerbaijan, Iran, Uzbekistan? Just read on her blog directly – Hijab Backpacker and follow Rahma’s Instagram.

Can you tell us how you first got into the world of traveling?

Since I was little, my parents have invited me to travel to several places, so it seems that I have developed a love for traveling since I was little.

Well, I started traveling independently without my parents when I started working and had my own income. At that time, a friend from the office invited him to backpacking to Malaysia-Singapore and since then he has been addicted to exploring new places.

Plus, my job at that time as a journalist required me to travel to several places in Indonesia. Once again, after the work is done, I extend make traveling alone.

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Is there a special reason for choosing the name of the backpacker hijab as a blog identity?

Yep, I want to share my experience with people that a veiled woman can be anything, including being a traveler/backpacker who explores the world. Without the need to leave their Islamic identity for fear of being antagonized, shunned, and so on.

On my blog, I also write about halal food places, beautiful mosques, or destinations that are suitable for Muslim travelers to visit. This is what I always look for when I go, and I think it will be very useful for others as well.

Travel and Halal Lifestyle Blogger

Please share, what is your travel style like?

If I go alone, I’m the type who going with the wind blow. Don’t make a detailed itinerary, at least only book hotels and sometimes transport between cities.

What do I want there, what place I will visit I will only decide when I get there. For example, when I went to Uzbekistan yesterday, I just decided where I was going that day after seeing the conditions there.

I’m also the relaxed type, I don’t want to go to all destinations in the city. I prefer to sit for a while in a café or in a public place where I can see the life of the local community, take public transportation, enter the market, and if possible chat with the residents. So it’s not just taking pictures and then going home.

Do you prefer mountains, beaches, history or cities?

Cities and history.

What makes you enjoy traveling to anti-mainstream countries?

Actually, there is no special intention to travel to anti-mainstream countries, but the countries that I happen to like are countries that have high history and culture, not only metropolitan cities.

Well, it just so happens that some of these countries are not popular among Indonesian travelers, such as Iran, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, etc.

Mainstream countries like Turkey, Greece, if they have a good history and culture, I will also go to them. But lately I’ve been more interested in Central Asian countries and countries on the Silk Road. So still have a great desire to explore these countries.

rahma interview
backpacker hijab in iran

Of the 41 countries you visited, which country made the deepest impression?

Iran. Iran is a country that is branded badly by many people and by many western media. But as it turned out, what was there was 180 degrees different from what people were talking about. Iran is beautiful, clean, the people are friendly, and the country is very safe.

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How was your experience traveling abroad as a veiled woman?

Thank God I haven’t had any unpleasant experiences so far. The people I met during this trip respect really and nothing outrageous racist. At least you can see it from top to bottom, or don’t talk to it. That’s all.

The funny thing is, because I’m wearing a hijab, I’m often invited to take photos in countries where there are few Muslims, such as China. There, at every turn I was invited to take photos.

And this hijab is like an identity too. Because of the veil I got a lot of help from fellow Muslims I met in the countries I visited.

Once invited to eat at the home of a Muslim family in Myanmar, was also treated by Japanese Muslim mothers while in Prague.

Travel and Halal Lifestyle Blogger

What items do you have to carry when traveling?

Camera, wallet, cell phone, socks.

Please share your tips on how to be able to travel frugally?

Diligently look for promo flights, use public transportation during the trip, stay at hostels close to tourist attractions to save on transportation.

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Suggestions for friends who want to start traveling?

Start from the area or country that is close first. Learn to make an itinerary, read people’s writings about the country or area you are going to so you don’t get there blank. Then after that works, start to a more distant place.

And most importantly, don’t be jealous of people’s journeys like this, don’t bother traveling, it must be full of adventure. Everyone has their own travel style.

If you want to be a tourist who just sits down and stays in a nice place, go ahead, if you want to be an adventurer who stays at people’s homes, go ahead. Most importantly, keep traveling!

Thank you Rahma for being willing to be interviewed. Hopefully it will inspire other readers.

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