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Mahameru. So people call the highest resistance on the island of Java. This holy land of the peak of the gods continues to invite many adventurers from all over the archipelago to fondle its peak. I will take you as if climbing along in this post. Enjoy!

Welcome! When riding a jeep from Tumpang to Ranupane, the view of Bromo on the left will accompany our journey.
Ranupane (2400 masl), first post. Make sure the permit and all equipment are complete. Tips: take a night’s rest here, for acclimation, which is the process of equalizing our body to thin oxygen at high altitudes.
First track. Ranupane-Ranukumbolo. The distance is about 7 km. If running normally is about 3-4 hours. This type of track goes up and down around the edge of the ridge in a fairly closed forest.
In the evening I arrived at Ranukumbolo, because I arrived at the Ranupane basecamp in the afternoon.
Ranu kumbolo. Water is plentiful, but it seems safer if the water is boiled first. Here, the temperature can reach minus 2 in the dry season. Don’t be surprised to see ice granules on top of the tent. Bring a good sleeping bag
Handsome pose.
Our express breakfast at ranu kumbolo, should be banana pancakes. But my friend left it during a break on the way to here.
Second track. Ranukumbolo-Kalimati. Type of track open area, scorching savanna
The trip to Kalimati will take about 4 hours
There is also a porter in Semeru for those who don’t want to bring their own equipment.
Kalimati (2700mdpl). In sentence we must rest before climbing to the top. There is a water source here which can be reached in about half an hour walking.
This is the end of the climb. It is forbidden to climb to the top. In the permit, we will sign on a stamp that the national park is not responsible if we are ‘desperate’ to climb to the top.
The trip to the top can take 6 to 8 hours. Depends on the physical condition of each. Tracks are very dangerous, sand and rocks. Rocks may roll down. Be careful. Bring a minimum of 2 liters of water for yourself.
Climbers trying to climb to the top. In the distance visible Mount Bromo.
Who says climbing mountains is not tired?
Finally. Mahameru. Do not linger here because hot clouds can be present at any time without being invited here.

I will never tire of reminding everyone who will climb:


Don’t take anything but PHOTOS

DON’T kill anything but TIME

Happy hiking!

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