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Disclaimer : Climbing the mountain requires special knowledge and skills. If you can’t read directions and just throw trash around, it’s better to just go to the mall. Mountains are not trash cans.

Stay responsible and happy hiking !

Every time you go up a mountain, you feel the earth and the air are different. Like that time in Sembalun, my heart always beats faster the closer to Rinjani.
Sembalun path is beautiful, but without sunscreen protection. There is no shelter from the heat of the day.
Hello fresh water!
Take it easy, go up the mountain, don’t force yourself. The original plan for sure.
I can say Rinjani is not a mountain for first-timers, because the track is long and quite steep. The ritual of applying muscle relaxants can be a daily sight here.
Sometimes the fog descends. Sometimes it’s nice when it’s really hot. But sometimes it sucks because the view is closed.
The sun rises at post 3, where the lava flows.
Vandalism is indeed very unsightly.
If you have more funds, hire a porter. You’ll thank me later.
After passing through the hill of torture – which I was almost too lazy to take out my camera – we will arrive at Plawangan Sembalun. The total journey is about 6-8 hours depending on each knee.
Campsite in Plawangan Sembalun. Small village above the clouds.
You play for me
A song about the land in the clouds
And now you are carrying
I’m heading there
Where peace is the palace…
And now you are carrying
I’m heading there
Mountain light fast changing
At that time, I was speechless there. Sublime view.
I will bring you someday here 🙂
Path to the top as soon as the sun comes up
Love the light
Mountain light always says something
down from the top,
Details of the periphery of the child from the path to the top
Details of the valleys of the torean path from the Sembalun – Segara Anak route.
Finally, Lake Segara Anak.
Don’t be happy just yet, to go down this mountain, we have to go up again, then go down again. Because this lake is like a bowl.

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