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Rice fields around south bandung | Camera BenQ G1

Personally, I hate bringing my DSLR while traveling.

Indeed, the quality of DSLR results is very proportional to the burden we carry. However, when I just wanted have fun, I just bring one pocket camera. Currently, my choice falls to the BenQ G1 which I have discussed in several previous posts.

This time, I will share tips on how to maximize the use of pocket cameras, especially the BenQ G1, for travel photography. Want to know how to be comfortable taking pictures with a pocket camera and the results can ‘match’ a DSLR? Please refer to the following tips.

Untitled | BenQ G1

1. Get to know your camera

Do not know, then do not love. There’s nothing wrong with learning a little about the features in the camera so that we don’t have to think about it at any time.

Read your camera manual, try the features one by one. Browse the menu until we are familiar with the setting position. For G1 users, I have some tips that can be used here.

Moments can be lost when we are still struggling with the camera to find certain settings 🙂

Jailolo Bay | BenQ G1

2. Bring a spare battery

Pocket camera camera using live view LCD continuously, the battery will drain quickly. The battery will only last about 200-300 photos. Unlike a DSLR that uses an optical viewfinder, the battery can last up to 700-800 shots.

Bring one, or two spare batteries. Charge your batteries before traveling, and always fully charge them whenever you get the chance.

Pari Island, Jakarta | BenQ G1

3. Zoom with your feet

I’ve written some travel photo tips here. One of them is near the subject of your photo.

His rule of thumbs from legendary photographer Robert Capa: if your photo is not good enough, you are not close enough.

Instead of zooming with the lens, it’s better if we get closer to our subject. Trust me, the results will be much different, more dynamic and more dimensional.

Happy Color | BenQ G1

4. Focus first, then snap!

Prefocus. Do not immediately press the full shutter of your camera.

Find the part you really want to focus on, hold down the shutter button halfway, rearrange the composition, then snap!

With this we can avoid missfocus because our camera chooses the wrong focus in auto mode.

Jailolo Bay Festival | BenQ G1

5. Look for interesting corners.

Don’t just take pictures in a standing position. The result will be very boring, because everyone has the same point of view.

Take odd positions. Use a rotating LCD to produce different images.

Yes, look for a different photo. Whether it’s good or not, that’s a matter for later. What’s important is the difference. What if the results of our photos are the same as the others? 😀

Great Mosque of Bandung | Benq G1

6. Use scene mode

Travel photos don’t have to realistically document the current situation, that’s why many people like apps like Instagram.

Express yourself with colors or effects on camera. Use scene modes and filters. But don’t be too lazy.

Shadow | BenQ G1

7. Bring a mini tripod

Don’t underestimate a tripod. This has many benefits. It can be used for night photos, helps with self portraits, slow speed photos, and many others.

No need to carry a large tripod. Just use a small tripod that is widely sold in camera stores or Gorillapods.

Ray of light Sunrise | BenQ G1

8. See, don’t just look

Photography is the art of seeing. Traveling means we see the world.

Slow your pace. Take a closer look, don’t just glance at it and pass it by.

That way, our photos will speak much more.

Bandung city from Moko hill

Happy shooting!


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