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One sunny day, while I was busy working on my final project, suddenly a ‘devil’ came who said, “Wir to bromo yuk”. I’m in shock. “Muke gile you, I’m working on PA like this, you want to take me to Bromo, it’s already tight” I tried to refuse. But indeed the devil has a very strong tempting demon instinct, “Udeh PA, you’re just like that, it’s over for a week, then I’ll help.” I thought for a moment, then finally the devil smiled triumphantly.

Finally, without feeling the slightest guilt, I departed from Bandung. This trip I use my private car driver My friend, Fajri, seems talented as an AKAP bus driver. Yes, because along the way he really did nothing but stare at the road. I became suspicious lest he eat asphalt.

Joining the trip this time were me, the photographer, Fajri as the driver, Agus the co-driver who was running late, Chilmy, who wasn’t clear, and Forny, who was able to set a record for beating a polar bear while it was hibernating! Just imagine that until Nagreg was already vomiting, the boy finally moved to the back and continued to sleep. Just woke up when I arrived at Bromo. :hammers:

Traveling through the southern route, which means the same as riding lightning in Dufan. Get drunk. And for the sake of ‘saving’ a little expense, we transit at our friend’s house along the way. Yes, as it is known that most of the Telkom children are from Central and East Java. And the unlucky one should forced accepting us this time is the damay in Klaten hahaha. The photo below is with Damay’s family 😆 Anyway, thank you to Damay and her family for borrowing a place to sleep and treat food. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a souvenir from Bromo sand later!

The journey continued the next morning. Then the agus co-driver began to carry out his demonic actions. He opened the map, then found two roads flanked by two triangles. I don’t know if he is really obsessed with those two mountains, or the other mountains, I don’t know either. “Eh, if you go through here the view must be cool,” said the agus. Fajri was worried. And finally the driver was also consumed by the words of Agus. He smiled viciously again.

Finally we were trapped in the path between Mount Arjuna and Mount Lawu. It was 12 noon but the conditions were very foggy and we ended up wasting quite a bit of time here because we had to walk slowly. Visibility is only about 5 meters.

And after going up and down mountains, through valleys, along rivers (lebay deh), we finally arrived at the city of the chilmy who claims to be a poor person but doesn’t know the way -_-“. Finally it was agreed that we would rest at Chilmy’s house and go to Bromo at 12 pm. Oh yes, right in Madiun we found this sign. Anyone know what that means?

bromo green side

After resting at Chilmy’s house which he said was “near Malang” but it turned out “30 km from Malang” we went straight to Bromo. Well, because we are from the south, heading to Probolinggo aka the main entrance of Bromo, it will definitely be far away. Finally we entered through the nongkojajar.

Previously, we were suspicious of this route because it was very quiet. And finally we stray! In the midst of a foggy dark night and no one at all we panicked a little. The road was not smooth anymore. Things started to get tense, the bottom of the car kept hitting rocks. The Forny was still fast asleep. The driver, who was usually cool, also started to panic.

But in the end we found the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park signpost.

Luckily we still found the right path and arrived at the Tosari checkpoint. Here we rented a jeep to go down to Bromo. Quite expensive in my opinion, 350 thousand to go to Pananjakan and Bromo crater. To go to the savanna and whispering sand, you have to add 150 thousand.

If you have a little heart attack, it’s better to just sleep on the way to Pananjakan. The driver is crazy! With a visibility of about 1 meter in the fog he could still go fast. I admit that Fajri lost to this 4WD jeep driver.

By the time we got there, the situation was very busy. And the air there can make your snot freeze. Really cold! Many rent jackets there. But I only bought a 10 thousand scarf that had bromo written on it. What is mandatory here is a scarf and gloves. The jacket doesn’t need to be thick, it’s just a little cold.

Turns out we haven’t been allowed to see the sunrise at Pananjakan viewpoint. The fog was too thick, the audience was disappointed. But it can’t be helped, we can’t blame nature. Blame ourselves for coming during the rainy season :hammer:

Usually from Pananjakan people will go straight to Bromo crater. But because it must be crowded, so I asked the crazy driver to go to the savanna first. After passing the path down to the sea of ​​​​sand, I just found out why we have to use a jeep. The first is the road which is in very bad condition, then the incline can be up to 60 degrees. If he had forced the deer, Fajri would have entered the abyss. 😆

Sorry for being a little narcissistic hehehe, this is around the savanna. If we go straight again we can go to Ranupane, the first basecamp if you want to go up to Semeru. The person in the middle in the photo below is the crazy jeep driver.

After taking pictures in the savanna, we continued to the place where the sand was filming. What happen? Yes, it’s just sand, but the view here is a view that we can’t see every day. So, let’s take more photos!

Has anyone ever gone up the mountain with a laptop? hahaha so the story goes that my 4GB SD card is gone, only 1GB is left. Finally I told Agus to bring his laptop with the threat of 1 GB only being able to fit 100 photos (RAW but hihi), he complied and this time I smiled slyly.

The next trip we headed to the Bromo crater which had a lot of stairs. Actually the crater is not very good. Just like the tangkuban boat. But what is interesting is the journey. The view is extraordinarily beautiful. Subhan Allah.

Want to see the face of Forny who sleeps from Bandung to Bromo? Here he is but be careful if you will feel a little nauseous after seeing the photo. 😆

After that we planned to go to Madakaripura waterfall, but because of the power and funds that were not allowed. Finally we gave up and finally went home. We went home via the north coast because we had given up on the southern route. Our transit place this time was the forny’s house in Pati.

Yup, that’s all my travel notes to Bromo this time. Have you ever been to Bromo? Try going there once in a while to enjoy the incredibly beautiful nature of Indonesia. See you on next trip!

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