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What’s the first thing you do when you land in another country?

Looking for free wifi at the airport? Ehehe. Surely yes? I know exactly why. But, after that?

As a so-called-traveler, who said they should be able to post photos live while doing-tags a location that sometimes even reads the name is difficult while there, of course I have to buy a local sim card. Let it be hip.

Anyway, changing the sim card is not a problem at all. But the problem is, sometimes when we return to Indonesia and want to replace the SIM card again, this has happened to me a few times: the SIM CARD IS LOST!

Why do people have to invent micro SIMs and nano SIMs that are as small as that dirty? Blown off a bit, it must have been gone. OK, this is just my alibi.

Well, it turns out that the solution for people like me, is to use a smartphone that can install two SIM cards at the same time like the Samsung Galaxy J5. Moreover, the smartphone already accommodates a super fast 4G LTE network. So, no need to leave your original SIM card in your bag or purse — which will probably disappear into thin air.

Don’t worry, they both live in peace and harmony…

In addition, having a dual sim slot, we also have several advantages such as:

  • Save on expenses abroad
    Having more than one cellular operator gives us a choice of tariffs and which packages we want to use. For example, when you are abroad. We can use a local SIM card to reduce expenses roaming without having to remove your previous SIM which was prone to being lost.
  • Each have a purpose of use
    Even though you have 2 numbers, you only need one gadget to house both of them. You can set your own purpose for using the dual SIM. For example, one number is for personal, and one number is for professional work purposes.
  • Pressing expenses.
    With 2 cards, we are more free to use which service provider provides cheaper rates. For example, the starter pack is cheaper and has more bonuses than top up, why not just buy it for the 2nd slot?
  • No need to worry about signal
    Having two SIM cards almost guarantees that your gadget will never run out of signal anywhere. Unless you’re playing with dinosaurs in the interior of the amazon there.

Now let’s first try the 4G network on the Samsung Galaxy J5 using the application

Bolt 4G LTE network test

I am greatly helped by the dual SIM feature of the Samsung Galaxy J5 because it is flexible in its use. A few tips, if the second SIM is not in use, we can disable it to save battery usage.

During use, I also did not encounter problems such as overlapping signals or frequency interference from the two operators embedded in my smartphone. It works flawlessly. But unfortunately, only one slot supports 4G, the other slot only supports 2G.

Even though at SD Maratua Island — which is one of the most remote islands in Indonesia, the signal is only 2G, – selfies must still be done :))

Thank You!

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