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Traveling Post-Pandemic. How do we travel after this? – ipadguides 1

This pandemic made me realize, traveling is a privilege.

Right now our freedom seems to die. Human movement stopped. And of course, tourism is suspended.

Tourists are prohibited from entering, tourist attractions are fenced off, hotels are not filled, planes can only stand still, and millions of people are asking refund make travel agents dizzy themselves.

Some even had to lay off their employees to save themselves.

Not surprisingly, tourism is one of the factors that causes COVID-19 to spread across the globe. The mobility of people in this century is arguably the most active of all time. Tourism, which supports the economy, suddenly had to stop.

However, this incident teaches us to be grateful for the convenience we have enjoyed in traveling across borders so far.

After this the journey will definitely be difficult. People will appreciate travel more, not all of a sudden taken for granted.

Crowd of people at Nakamise Shopping Street, Asakusa, Japan

I have been at home for more than two months. In the past two years, my movement has been quite high. In one month can be 2 to 3 times by plane round trip. Apart from the demands of work, I am of course like other millennial children who like to have fun.

Traveling after the pandemic is still a question mark for all of us. Several times I have discussed with fellow travelers and the answer is still in the form of uncertainty.

In general, aspects of cleanliness and health will definitely be number one. The use of masks and hand sanitizers will become more common everywhere.

Don’t be surprised if a mask will become fashion statement. I’ve started seeing this phenomenon pop up on my instagram feed. I think it’s good, just let the medical masks be used by those who really need it, right?

Destination choices after the pandemic ends and tourist behavior in new normal this will change too. In my opinion, domestic tourism will be crowded after this pandemic.

Because for overseas tours, I predict it will be more difficult because the protocol of each country will definitely be different. Not to mention the sudden risk outbreak again and all access is closed. Can’t go home later!

More local tourism and staycation will be more of a favourite. I personally really want to go to cities around Jakarta and just staycation. Hotels in Bandung or hotels in Puncak can certainly be an option. After staying at home for weeks, of course I was bored and needed a new atmosphere.


However, after the pandemic, people will definitely prefer private vehicles to public transportation. So get ready for traffic jams if you want to go to this tourist location.

The problem is, when will this pandemic end? And even if it’s finished, do you really dare to travel again?

After the hashtag #at home alone adorns our social media timeline, I’m sure many people are paranoid even just to buy rice at the supermarket.

This Eid Al-Fitr 2020, many are unable to return to their hometowns. Maybe if you can travel again, the first destination you will go to is your hometown.

I myself am currently out of the house just as necessary. In fact, I am quite ‘thankful’ for being laid off by the company, because I no longer need to take the commuter line train to Tanah Abang every day anymore.

But what if there is a promo for plane tickets or hotels? I’m sure there will be lots of cheap ticket and hotel promos after this pandemic.

Some hotels even offer promos for ‘quarantine’ stays or offer vouchers to use anytime, of course at affordable prices

Will you be tempted?

For example, if you can get cheap flight and hotel promos in Labuan Bajo, I think I’ll be quite considerate.

One of the Islands near Komodo National Park – Labuan Bajo

Nowadays people are really keeping their distance. Physical distancing. With the hope of reducing the chance of contracting COVID-19. In my opinion, even though the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) rules have been lifted, most people will still be afraid of crowds.

This will also affect the choice of tourism destinations. A quieter destination like Labuan Bajo would be more of an option than Bali for example.

In fact, according to my knowing observations, business class to first class will be more attractive to those who have sufficient funds. Instead of huddled together in economy class, we don’t know whether we are healthy or not, right?

Business/first class cabins that offer privacy will be more popular?

Or the trend of planes without economy class will be sticking out even more? Like Singapore Airlines’ 23 hour non-stop flight to New York? I wouldn’t be surprised if that would happen.

Even in 2020, even if a UFO appears, I probably won’t be surprised either.

Tourism has certainly been very helpful for the global economy. But in some places we may also be aware that it has happened tourism. The environment is being damaged, the carbon footprint is increasing, and we as tourists also find it difficult to enjoy because there are too many people.

No need to go all the way to Venice in Italy, try stopping by some of the popular beaches in Bali. I personally can’t enjoy it anymore.

If someone says COVID-19 is a vaccine for the earth to make nature beautiful again, there may be some truth.

Hopefully, after this pandemic, everyone’s awareness will rise to protect the environment.

So what do you think about post-pandemic travel trends? Will people immediately flock to tourist attractions because they are bored at home? The price of transportation services has gone up drastically? Or will tourist attractions be deserted because people don’t want to take risks?

I don’t know for sure either. But what is certain is that now is the time for us to reflect and think to be more sensitive to ourselves and our environment. Right now, maybe it’s time for us to realize that health and mobility are really special rights that are not easy to get.

For now, let’s stay at home and take care of yourself and your family’s health.

Sunset in Labuan Bajo


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