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Do you know how cool the #TravelNblog workshop in Jakarta was some time ago?

We’ve heard you. So, Saturday, December 6, there will be a similar workshop that is even cooler at BANDUNG!

So if you want your blog (travel) to be even cooler, hurry up and register for this workshop! With only an investment of 100 thousand rupiah, you will meet the handsome and beautiful speakers below:

  • Crafting your story by Ariev Rahman. Mas, this serious but witty blogger will share how to write telling your story from a different point of view.
  • Travel Photography by ipadguides : Please take a look at the photos on this blog…. *clapped*
  • Socmed to boost your blog by Lucia Nancy of @TravelingID. going to share about using social media to boost our blog.
  • Conceptualizing your blog by the duo Mumun & Vira Indohoy. Why should you blog?
  • Constructing and optimizing the blog design by Ary Mozta. So that your blog design is not funny and easy to read.
  • There will also be a talk show “Beyond Blogging” by Adis Whatever Backpacker and Firsta Discover your Indonesia!

Phew! Pretty cool line up right! Let’s register right here before the space runs out!


There is still one more event, December 7 the next day. We have a photo contest with a prize of millions of rupiah!

The photo contest will be live on Google plus with the theme #BandungToday

If this one is free… tis! Come on, invite your friends to take part in this photo contest. Participants are also limited, so it’s better to register right away!

See you there!


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