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Big and Pangrango from a distance

MIsn’t it still far, sir?” said my friend. He looked very tired with the big backpack he was carrying. No wonder, this is the first time he has climbed the mountain.

“A little more,” I said comforting him, even though it was still a long way off.

Physically our team members at that time I can say quite strong, because we quite often ride long distances. But mental strength turned out to be very influential in climbing.

Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park is the most visited national park in Indonesia. Naturally, because it is located close to the big cities of Jabodetabek. To climb Mt. Gede, registration must first be made on the national park website

The green tropical forest of the Cibodas trail makes my lungs thank you. The fresh and clean air, as well as the green leaves typical of Indonesian tropical forests spoiled me during the trip. The melodious sound of birds chirping, the sound of flowing river water, and the sound of the wind blowing make it a serene symphony of life.

The forest on the Cibodas route is quite dense forest. The river flows most of the way, making the climbers no shortage of drinking water.

blue lake

The silence of the blue lake

My steps stop here. Not because of fatigue, but because he was amazed by this small and beautiful lake. Blue lake, so named because this lake is blue-green in color. After I noticed, this blue color arises because a lot of blue algae grows there.

Large fish live in the blue lake, I saw goldfish up to 30-50 cm in size swimming quietly there. The sun’s rays penetrate the shady trees adding to the rhythm in the silence of the lake. For those who are looking for tranquility, I highly recommend this place.

After the blue lake, I met an intersection. Right to Curug Cibereum, left to continue the hiking trail.

Hot water post

Two hours walking after the blue lake, I was greeted by a puff of smoke. Yes, this is a natural hot spring that comes from the crater of Mount Gede. Every climber who passes the Cibodas route must follow this path.

The sensation is extraordinary, we are required to cross the hot waterfall by holding onto the rope. The stones in the hot springs are very slippery. Wait for the new empty path we pass, do not pass each other because it is very dangerous.

At the shelter after the hot spring, I saw some small children playing in the hot spring river. Somewhat surprised there are also small children who have been able to climb to the mountain, but their faces are very happy.

“Continue your hobby, son, but be a climber who is responsible for his actions, don’t destroy the beautiful nature of Indonesia. So that your children and grandchildren will also be able to enjoy it,” I thought to myself.

Stone Cages and Rhino Cages

Along the way to the big peak, the forest dominates. Lots of fallen trees here, maybe because of the storm last rainy season. From here we were drenched in heavy rain to the rhino enclosure. There is a friend whose condition has dropped here. My porter spirit came out and I finally carried the backpack to the rhino enclosure.

It’s amazing, carrying two rain carriers in the forest while climbing is really something haha.

Arriving at the rhino enclosure, the tent was immediately set up in the rain. And until nightfall the rain did not stop falling. We can only stay in the tent, hoping tomorrow the weather will be sunny

Summit attack

At dawn I awoke, looked up, the stars were strewn. Immediately I woke up my friends to climb to the top. We passed the devil’s ramp and finally came out of the forest. This was our first sight when we came out of the forest. Subhan Allah.

Pangrango from the devil’s incline
When out of the big mountain forest

From the top of the big mountain peak, you can clearly see the city around it. Sukabumi, Cianjur, and Cibodas are clearly visible. The exoticism of the golden desert can already be seen from the top, it’s a shame we didn’t have time to visit it.

Rainbow 🙂
Can you show me a little bit 😀
view to the southwest
Come down first

The big mountain holds a million charms of beauty. The flora and fauna are very diverse here. Many hundreds of years old Rasamala trees are found here, we also met Javanese gibbons and several types of birds.

But unfortunately, there are still climbers who have not been made aware of their mistakes. There are still those who throw garbage carelessly, especially at posts. I saw a lot of plastic waste near the springs in the rhino enclosure. It’s very unfortunate.

It is fitting for us as humans to take care of our own nature. At the very least, don’t leave anything out in the wild. Take nothing but photos and kill nothing but time.

Best regards!

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