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In this article I will share my experience of visiting Cangke Island, the way and cost to Cangke Island from Makassar, and the love story between the two inhabitants of this island.

Cangke Island at a glance

Indonesia is known as a large archipelagic country with marine biodiversity. Thousands of islands with treasures stored.

Never mind gold, gems, or other valuable minerals. The real treasure is under the sea that must be protected for future generations.

Cangke Island is an island located in the Spermonde Archipelago, in the western part of the city of Makassar. On this island I got an unforgettable valuable experience.

Cangke Island Snorkeling
The beauty of coral reefs on Cangke Island

Daeng Abu and Mother Maidah’s love story

Fifty years ago, Cangke Island was just a small, uninhabited island.

Until one day a man named Daeng Abu found this island to exile himself

Daeng Abu suffers from a contagious disease of leprosy.

He was not accepted by the local community, so he had to leave his home island.

There was only one person who was loyal to Daeng Abu no matter what his condition was.

Maidah’s motherDaeng Abu’s wife lives together on this remote island and looks after Daeng Abu.

Slowly, Daeng Abu built everything from scratch.

He planted trees, built piers, and also small huts.

Daeng Abu Cangke Island
Daeng Abu and Mother Maidah

It’s hard to believe in magic or true love.

How Daeng Abu, a person with leprosy can still live his life until now, especially on a remote island.

The life story of Daeng Abu and Ibu Maidah has inspired many people.

Now more and more visitors are coming to meet this humble husband and wife.

Daeng Abu also received an award for protecting the sustainability of Cangke Island.

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Daeng Abu's story

The Beauty of Coral Reefs on Cangke Island

The activity that must be done when visiting Cangke Island is of course snorkeling.

Similar to other small islands in the Spermonde Archipelago, Cangke Island has white sand beaches.

I am basically happy to see coral reefs and underwater beauty.

The reason why I really want to go to Cangke Island is because of my friends freediver I said that Cangke Island is the best spot in the Spermonde Islands.

When I got there, I immediately installed snorkel mask and frog legs prepare for exploration. My friend is not lying.

The best part is on the left side of the pier to the east. On the right side of the pier there are many table corals or table coral every where.

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tips to cangke island

Visibilityits good too. Most hard coralbut in some areas there are also soft coral also.

The current is quite normal, not too strong. In certain parts I feel the cold currents meet the warm currents.

The distance between the surface and the coral reefs at high tide is about 2 meters.

But if it’s receding, it’s pretty close. When snorkeling, don’t hit the coral, be careful with sea urchins.

My personal experience of snorkeling on this island is extraordinary.

Besides seeing a variety of beautiful coral reefs, I also saw the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen in my life.

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snorkeling on cangke island
Snorkeling while freediving

The rainbow is so big, it can’t even be caught with a camera because it’s so big.

The sunset is also good, although a bit cloudy but the golden color is clear.

In the evening my friends and I spent time on the pier.

The full moon is shining brightly and the stars are twinkling. A gentle breeze, the sound of the calm sea, and accompanied by song and sing along.

I am truly grateful to be able to enjoy a quiet life surrounded by beautiful nature.

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How to get to Cangke Island from Makassar

To get to Cangke Island, you can rent a boat from Paotere Harbor or Bangkoa Wood Harbor in Makassar. Travel time to Cangke Island is about 2.5 hours.

The price of the boat is IDR 1,000,000 round-trip including overnight stay.

This fishing boat can accommodate up to 30 people. We recommend looking for friends or a group if the price is cheaper too.

So if you go in groups, then the cost to Cangke Island is only IDR 50,000- IDR 100,000 per person.

But yes, you have to bring your own food again to Cangke Island.

On this island there are several small huts for sleeping. You can bring a tent or sleeping bag too.


Visiting Cangke Island was a very memorable experience for me personally. Moreover, you can snorkel to see the beautiful coral reefs.

The way to get to Cangke Island is also not difficult, the cost is also cheapwas able to meet directly with Daeng Abu and Ibu Maidah.

So, when are you going to Cangke Island also?

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