Trusted Online Business With Small Capital

Success is everyone’s dream and we know it. But not everyone knows how to achieve success despite working and trying.

One way to be successful is to pursue a field that you are passionate about, one of which is doing business.

Interestingly, now doing business can be done by anyone and done anywhere, even with the amount of capital required.

You can do this by opening an online business. This online business can be done anywhere and has great opportunities because there are many kinds of choices ranging from selling products and services,

target market that can be reached from anywhere, unlimited capital even starting from zero rupiah so that it can be done anywhere and by anyone. If you are still confused about what business to do because of limited capital, consider the following business ideas.

Dropshipping is now again a big opportunity, moreover you can find a supplier who is able to provide the goods needed by the community but is still relatively difficult to obtain.

Becoming a dropshipper is fairly easy to do as long as you are consistent in promoting and patient in communicating with consumers and suppliers.


running this dropshipping business model, you don’t need to have stock and hassle in terms of packaging to shipping, because all of that is done by the supplier.

All you need to do is promote on all social media lines, starting from Google Ads, IG and FB ads, personal blogs, online forums, and of course your online store.

By becoming a reseller, the capital you need can be adjusted to the product you are going to sell.

Find a supplier of the product you want to sell. Try to find a supplier that provides a pretty decent discount for you, and also a minimum order quantity that doesn’t burden your pocket too much.

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For example, choose a product that makes you profit from 15,000 to 20,000 per product you sell successfully, and allows you to stock only 10 for example,

a body whitening body lotion for IDR 50,000/bottle from a supplier, and you resell it for IDR 70,000, the minimum purchase stock for resellers is also only 5 pieces.

So you only spend IDR 250,000 to IDR 30,000 including shipping costs and buying bubble wrap and notes for your customers.

After the 5 bottles have been sold out, you can stock up again until you can finally stock up to 20 bottles and so on.

Becoming a graphic designer you can do as long as you have the ability to design using various software for design purposes, such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and so on.

The capital you spend is only limited to the internet, laptop or computer media if you already have it, and a cellphone for communication purposes with your clients.


can make buying and selling graphic designs online or offline.

At this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people take advantage of their spare time and electronic devices to start a career as a Youtuber.

Of course not without reason, Google provides a reward in the form of dollars that are not playing games for youtube account owners who are active and able to become good advertisers.

The better and more useful your videos are, the more subscribers and viewers you will get, thus the better your reputation as an advertiser on Youtube.

Content writers cannot be underestimated in this digital era either. One of the jobs that can be done anywhere, you can do if you have talent or passion in the field of writing.

You can also develop your own talent by practicing a lot and looking for the most suitable niche according to your passion.

For example, you like to read short stories, then a niche that might be suitable for you is to become a content writer for websites or applications that show fiction writing,

but if your passion is in the health sector, then the right niche is to be a content writer for web or applications that publish health-specific content.


can increase your writing niche with a lot of practice and sell more niche writing to your clients in the future.

During this work from home era, many industries in the fashion sector experienced a decline.

This is due to changing lifestyles and consumer behavior. A research conducted by Gfk shows that people’s activities outside the home have been reduced by up to 80%.

even 50% of the total, 50% of them run their jobs from them,

the rest follow the company’s new regulations to take turns entering the office with office colleagues to carry out physical distancing and reduce the number of office visitors by up to 50% of the total of all employees.

Trusted Online Business With Small Capital

Well, because so many people spend time at home, of course there is also a great opportunity to sell plain t-shirts or open pre-orders for t-shirts with unique designs according to consumer demand.

You can take this opportunity during the covid 19 pandemic, and if you already have a lot of customers and they like your product,

it is very possible that they will often shop at your online store even though the pandemic is over.

If you have a marketable skill that people need, selling online courses is worth considering.

Look for the potential that is in you and can be useful for others. For example, if you have a cooking talent, try to innovate a unique menu and sell it.

Then sell your abilities and recipes through online courses, also provide a simulation of the prices and benefits your students will get if they are able to sell the recipes,

they will definitely be more interested because they have an idea of ​​the number of benefits they will get if they pay for your course.

Almost the same as online courses, if you have foreign language skills that you can sell, try becoming a translator and interpreter.

Being an interpreter means you can interpret directly what someone is saying. Usually an interpreter is needed in a meeting or conference that invites people from other countries and uses a different language.

However, even though the pandemic doesn’t allow such conferences, you can still sell them by becoming an interpreter at various online conferences using Zoom or Google Meet media.

It’s the same as being a translator, your opportunity is still open by selling your services to companies or entrepreneurs who export and import.

They definitely need the services of a translator to make emails or letters that require translator assistance.

Trusted Online Business With Small Capital

In addition to opening online course services, you can also seize opportunities by becoming an online courier. Online couriers are certainly needed by many people,

especially those who are very concerned about their health and do not want to leave the house at all but still want to buy or deliver an item.

With this online courier service, you can help them to deliver or get the goods they want without having to leave the house.

Being a virtual assistant may not be very popular in Indonesia, but services like this are already widely sold abroad.

This virtual assistant is tasked with helping work for someone who is very busy to do all his work alone. Usually they are solopreneurs or solo entrepreneurs who do almost all of the work alone.

So the meaning of this virtual assistant is very broad. Some examples of the scope of work that a virtual assistant can do are translating documents, conducting job reviews,

blog writers, replying to letters or emails, to doing research and collecting data for decision making and creating promotional content and so on.

You can offer this service through social media platforms and offer via email or whatsapp.

Well, this is the job for you who are super creative. If you have the ability to make unique crafts and sell them, you can sell them online.

Take advantage of your talent by creating a craft that has never been found anywhere by utilizing materials that are around you and doing promotions online so you can reach the market from anywhere.

Those are some trusted online business ideas with small capital that you can do in 2020 to 2021, don’t rule out the possibility,

This business can also be done during the digital era. You can adjust any of the ideas above with the skills you have. Good luck.