Trusty 2008 Road to Bali

Hi guys. This time I will share about my trip to Bali with my friends from the Trusty 2008 committee. I made this like a travel journal. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 22 – Bye – bye Bandung
4:00 pm WIB

For those who don’t know, Trusty 2008 is an IT Telkom try out event organized by Telkom high school students, but we are lucky that the event has a slight surplus of funds. So, don’t envy if we are going to Bali for free!

Ok, it’s not Indonesian, if it’s not a rubber builder, I came at 4 in the morning, but nobody was there. So I just sat in front of the campus in the morning like a chicken thief.

At least one creature (finally) came too, the jarwo with a motorbike and said that the bus would be at the front roundabout. So, I immediately took my feet and suitcase (yeah suitcase, I brought my complete photo equipment like a traveling photographer) there. Until then, I met Angga, he said the bus would be in front of STT. Arrgghh! As a result, I’m moving forward…

The dawn call to prayer has sounded.. still no one shows up… at least there is Ellia who I think wants to go up the mountain with Astacala. I prayed first…. After praying, the bus arrived.. not as expected, the bus doesn’t have a toilet, so if you want to deposit, you have to go to the nearest gas station… bah. I immediately looked for a seat in the front because if in the back the probability of my jackpot getting bigger (jackpot = drunk + vomit).

Wow, the bus is quite comfortable, a typical tourist bus…

Continue the story in my travel journal which is made in pdf, please download below. Enjoy!

Download journal