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Mount Agung – May 2016, approx. 84 kg

When I climbed Mount Agung in Bali in the middle of last year, it felt like I was being slowly tortured.

The mountain is known to be difficult, but seeing my colleague who was breathing smoothly, unlike me who was struggling, I knew this must be wrong.

Lack of physical exercise, maybe. Tired night conditions, maybe. But one thing I really feel: how heavy the body feels! :)))

Thankfully, I was still able to reach the top and come back down safely, anyway.

Back in Jakarta, I saw a poster for a talk show about ‘slimming’ which was shared by my friend Sefin on one of the social media.

Since it’s located in a Scandinavian home furnishing store, which is only a 5-minute drive from where I live — it’s free — I signed up too.

This is at the end of 2015, Maratua Island, East Kalimantan. The taste is approaching 90 kg

It was the month of Ramadan. Joining a kind of class during the day like that feels like I’m too diligent. But yes, the name already intends to slim down, I’ll just continue.

When I entered the talk show, I was shocked. I am the most handsome. I’m not surprised, actually. But yes, WHY ALL THE PARTICIPANTS ARE WOMEN??

But yes, just thick face. The important thing is slim.

Mba Nunny, the speaker of this talk show, gave a lot of short tips on how to lose weight naturally.

The point is, we have to change the pattern of life that for years without us knowing is an unhealthy lifestyle.

At the end of the workshop, I was lucky to get a book written by Mba Nunny entitled Happy eating golangsing. I read it and immediately put it into practice.


My weight didn’t go up after Eid!

Usually, after the fasting month, my weight dropped drastically. The figure can be from 4 to 7 kg.

However, after being beaten by diamonds, chicken opor, rendang, chili sauce, nastar, and other ‘revenge’ foods, my weight returned to what it was before fasting.

In fact, more often.

However, this time it was magical. I’m not gaining weight!

I am also pretty sure that this golangsing method will work for me. I immediately signed up for the next golangsing class.

Because talk shows and books only talk about the ‘how’ not the ‘why’.

September 2016, Komodo Island, a few weeks after the golangsing class ended. About 75 kg

But again, I was the most handsome among the participants. Almost everything is powdery!

On this first day, Mba Nunny discussed and straightened out the myths about our lifestyle, and our somewhat misleading habits — which we sometimes don’t realize we do all year round.

The next day our brains are ‘reprogrammed’ in order to get used to eating more properly. I also learned how to eat well and it won’t make us fat.

Because eat to live, not live to eat. Well, I still live to eat, but now I can eat moderately and be satisfied 🙂

After two consecutive days of attending classes, we are given a challenge in a special journal to record all our eating activities and practice what has been taught.

October 2016, Seoul, already down again around 73 kg

The point is, this class teaches us to be able to eat ‘satisfied’ with ‘enough’ portions. Because I realized, I forgot what it feels like to be ‘full’ enough.

There are no dietary restrictions in golangsing, so we can eat as usual. There are no drugs, exercise techniques, or special supplements in this golangsing.

But because my hobby is cycling, I am so happy to ride again. I cycle once every two days for about 45 minutes in the morning. Now it’s not just for slimming, but really want to be healthy. I remember a lot of grandfathers in Bandung who are about 70 years old, but can still ride their bikes up to the cliffs of the palace.

I really want to be like that later 🙂

The point is just to adjust the diet, adjust the stress level, and move more.

I’m still far from my target weight figure based on body mass index, the struggle is still long. But at least I’m doing all this happily 🙂

For those who need it, personally I highly recommend the class golangsing this.

December 2016, Thailand. Already at a pretty pretty figure: 69 kg. But the struggle still continues because the target has not been achieved!

Thank You!

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