Two Different Programming Languages

As the name suggests, are Java and Javascript really the same programming language? The answer is no. Java and Javascript, if you hear the name, these two programs do sound the same or at least similar to each other. In fact, it turns out that there are so many differences between Java and Javascript. The two are very different programming languages.

The name may be the same, but the development and use of Java and Javascript are different. To review the differences between Java and Javascript, this time we will first discuss what Java is and what Javascript is. After we both understand about these two programming languages, then we will discuss the differences between the two. Just take a look, bro!

difference between java and jvascript
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What is Java?

James Gosling, principal developer of Java. he and his two friends started developing Java in 1991. Until now, this programming language is still widely used by programmers developers. Since the beginning of its development, Java was developed from a derivative of the popular programming languages ​​C and C++. It’s no wonder that most developer Java experts are para developer familiar with C or C++.

Since its release in the 90s, Java has always been the main programming language that is the mainstay of students developers. Even with all the latest technological advances, this programming language is still a favorite of software developers. The proof is a lot of Android application developers who use this programming language. Not only that, the use of Java is also universal. This programming language is considered a multifunctional programming language.

Two Different Programming Languages

What is Javascript?

Javascript was developed by Brendan Erich under the auspices of Netspace. Not inferior to Java, Javascript has also become one of the most popular programming languages. Javascript is considered as the three main programming languages web developers.

This programming language was developed several years after Java with the initial idea intended to accompany the Java programming language. Javascript is written with the same syntax and was created to accompany Java. more specifically, Javascript is made for development website with a syntax similar to Java.

What makes the two different?

If you pay close attention to the brief explanation about Java and Javascript, maybe you can already find two to three basic differences between these two programming languages. Because it turns out, even though they have the same name, they are two different programming languages. Both in terms of use and other aspects.


From the explanation above, what is the difference between using Java and Javascript?

  1. In general, Javascript is considered easier than Java.
  2. As the slogan goes, Java can be used anywhere. In contrast to Javascript which is specifically used for websites. Along with the release of the new Javascript standardization, now Javascript can also be used in server side, not only in client side again.
  3. Javascript is a popular programming language that is simpler and easier to understand. Unlike Java, which requires a deeper understanding of C, C++ and OOP.

Programming language execution

In operation, developer using Java by doing compile into the files contains bytecode. After that, files it will be run by Java Virtual Machine. In contrast to Javascript, the operation is simpler. All codes can be detected automatically by browsers.

Typed Programming Language

Java is classified as a statically typed scripting language, which is a programming language whose checks are carried out during the program compilation period. While Javascript is classified as a dynamic typed scripting language, which is a programming language whose correction process is more dynamic or can be done when edited.running.


Both Windows, Mac and Linux can be a means of operating Java. Java can also beembed in HTML. While Javascript cannot create standalone applications on Windows, Mac and Linux like Java. Javascript can only be run for page purposes websites. To make the process easier running Javascript in website, you need website responsive. Use the best domain and hosting services from Hosting Expert to make website you become more responsive.

Those are the four most striking differences between Java and Javascript. There may still be many small differences that the two have. You will find these differences when running Java and Javascript. If you find the difference between the two when you try running Java and Javascript, don’t forget to tell the admin to use social media Hosting Expert, bro. You can also share your experience when using these two programming languages.

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