Two Weeks Backpacker Itinerary to Vietnam

Want to try backpacking to Vietnam? Must read this first itinerary vacation or backpacker to Vietnam for 2 weeks no big budget!

The reason why you should try backpacking to Vietnam!

Vietnam is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that is loved by tourists travelers or backpackers. Why? Vacation to Vietnam relatively cheap In other words, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

In addition, there are many interesting tourist objects to visit, both city and nature tours. But what should not be missed, of course, is culinary tourism.

Usually, if you go to Vietnam, you must go to neighboring countries such as Thailand and Cambodia, as they are called backpacker to three countries at once.

In fact, many also combine Malaysia and Singapore, a total of five countries.

Well, I myself only focus on backpacker to Vietnam only because it turns out that this country is very big, even I who solo traveling for two weeks was not enough.

I can still remember how crazy the motorcyclists in Vietnam were. With just a makeshift helmet, they don’t even care about safe driving rules.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Vietnam impressed me. Moreover, the food is delicious!

So I started from the south that is Ho Chi Minh to the north of Vietnam, namely Hanoi. Actually, 2 weeks is quite tight.

The trip was quite tiring because I used the night bus to move from one city to another.

Ride experience sleeper bus is a new experience for me. Quite comfortable because you can sleep and stretch your body.

But the roads are not good and the driver is quite crazy too, so you will definitely wake up at night.

The cost that I spent for this trip to Vietnam, if I’m not mistaken, was around Rp. 3 million for two weeks excluding plane tickets. Most of the time, I only spend money on hostels, meals, public transportation, and tourist entrance tickets.

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Itinerary Traveling/Backpacker to Vietnam for 2 Weeks

Where’s the fun? Follow travel and backpacker itinerary to vietnam I.

Ho Chi Minh/Saigon (2 days), itinerary starting from Ho Chi Minh

The city with the most population in Vietnam. No wonder if Ho Chi Minh very crowded. The first day was pretty relaxed, I just explore area backpacker named Pham Ngu Lao Street.

try it street food, sitting on the side of the road. Follow the local people drinking beer, hehe. Other attractions in Ho Chi Minh include Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palaceand Ben Thanh Market.

On the second day I joined the tour to Cu Chi Tunnel. I personally like one day trip this is because they can see firsthand and learn about the situation that occurred during the Vietnam war.

The Vietnamese army was very clever, how they preceded the American army by building a small tunnel 200 km long. Recommended ok! Check accommodations in Ho Chi Minh.

backpacker itinerary to vietnam visit cu chi tunnel
The narrowness of the Cu Chi Tunnel

Dalat (3 days), the city is very cool and calm!

Dalat is a quiet small town with fresh air. There are many outdoor activities that can be done in Dalat.

From Ho Chi Minh to Dalat can take a bus with a journey time of about 6 hours.

In Dalat I rented a motorbike to get around. There are many interesting waterfalls to visit, one of which is Elephant Waterfall.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to come here. In addition to waterfall tours, you can try zip lining, trekking to the forest, and many other activities.

In my Dalat stay long enough because he was happy with the city. While in Dalat, the attractions I visited were Crazy House or Crazy House, Bao Dai Palace, Flower Gardenand Tiger Waterfall. Check accommodations in Dalat.

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backpacking to dalat
Trekking to Tiger Waterfall

Hoi An (2 days), see a traditional village with typical lanterns

Travel from Dalat to Hi An takes quite a long time. If you want to take the bus directly, you can but it takes around 12-17 hours depending on the bus.

So that it doesn’t take too long to take the bus first to Nha Trang for about 4 hours then continue by train to Danang and continue again by bus.

It’s a bit complicated, so if you want it to be easy, just take the bus.

Hoi An was once a very successful trading port in Southeast Asia. Now the old city of Hoi An has been granted cultural heritage status by UNESCO.

Vietnam tour for two weeks

Although it is quite crowded with tourists, Hoi An still maintains the originality of its traditions. Not too influenced by western culture like other cities in Vietnam. Many Chinese temples are worth visiting.

Rent a bike and tour the city. It turns out that Hoi An has quite a beautiful beach too (not a general beach, but a beach on a nearby island. At night many people sell lanterns typical of Hoi An city.

Visit Marble Mountain which is located 20 km from Hoi An. Inside is a Buddhist temple built in a cave. Check accommodations in Hoi An.

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Hue (1 day), while passing so add to itinerary just vietnamese

The reason why I included Hue in itinerary My backpacker trip to Vietnam is the first, it is located in line with Hanoi, so one day is enough. Second, I was curious about the royal city in Vietnam.

In Hue I only visit Imperial Citadel and Khai Dinh Tomb.

During the war, the Imperial Citadel suffered considerable damage. Khai Dinh Tomb is pretty good and interesting, it’s just that the entrance ticket is expensive.

tomb of khai dinh backpacker itinerary to vietnam

Hanoi (1 day), definitely not to miss the capital of Vietnam

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are very different. As the nation’s capital, Hanoi is not as developed as the South. Not too many attractions in Hanoi. There are several opera houses as well as a museum.

When in Hanoi I just visit Hoan Kiem Lake and Saint Joseph Cathedral, the closest tourist attraction to the backpacker area. Check lodging in Hanoi.

travel to hanoi vietnam

Who (2 days), If you go to Vietnam, you must add it to the list itinerary

With views of the rice fields surrounding the mountains, Sapa is the best destination in Vietnam. From Hanoi can take a bus for 12 hours to Sapa.

Who do I join? trekking tour which I have booking previously in Hanoi. But my advice is if you have a lot of time, you can go directly to Sapa and rent a motorbike to go around the surrounding villages.

The tour that I took was okay. We stayed at a local people’s house. What makes me uncomfortable is that the local people there, the Hmong always follow and sell souvenirs.

They keep trying to come to me and offer bracelets. I bought 1-2 it’s still okay, but others are trying to sell the bracelet to me.

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trekking greetings in vietnam

Halong Bay (2 days), cruise take a boat to see the karst hills

After trekking in Sapa, I immediately went back to Hanoi and joined cruise tour to Halong Bay. I think my expectations for Halong Bay are too high. I personally can’t feelher when in Halong Bay.

For 2 days 1 night I stayed on a cruise ship and sailed around Halong Bay. On this trip we stopped at a tourist attraction called Sung Sot Cave.

This cave is very amazing, visible stalactites and stalagmites adorn the walls of the cave.

Cruising trip-its going well. There is only one spot where we can swim and kayakingbut the water has a slightly unpleasant smell.

The surrounding coral hills that are the main attraction of Halong Bay itself, in my opinion, are less attractive. There are many other places with beautiful karst or coral hills.

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cu chi tunnel vacation itinerary to vietnam

Well that’s it backpacker itinerary to Vietnam I’m the one you can follow. But again two weeks in my opinion is quite tight. If it only takes a few days, you can choose to play in the northern or southern areas.

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