Types of Marcks Powder Circulating on the Market

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There are various types of Marcks powder, namely loose powder and compact powder. Find the right Marcks powder as follows.

Anyone must know the Marks brand, right? One of the legendary products that is still in demand today is its powder. But, did you know that there are various types of Marcks powder that are already on the market?

Similar to other cosmetic brands, Marcks has also issued two types of powder, namely loose powder and compact powder. Not only have their respective functions, the available powder shades also vary and can be adjusted to your skintone.

If you want to use Marcks powder, it’s a good idea to know this powder first before buying it. The following is a review of Marcks powder that you can buy at offline and online cosmetic stores.

1. Marcks Beauty Powder

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This Marcks compact powder includes legendary powder like a collection of cool captions. Even so, this powder has many benefits and is suitable for all skin types. With packaging white, this powder has quite a lot of content.

You don’t have to worry about the powder spilling out when you open it, because inside there is already a separator between the contents of the powder and the lid. You can use it as a place spongeso that when you are going to use the powder you don’t have to bother looking for it sponges. It’s just that, when you buy this powder it’s not included with the sponge yes?

Interestingly, this powder contains salicylic acid which has the prospect of reducing oil and helping prevent acne. In addition, this powder also has 5 shades that you can adjust to your skintone, namely White, Invisible, Crème, Rose, and Natural Beige. For the price itself, this powder is only priced at around 15 thousand rupiah.

2. Marks Active

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This loose powder from Marcks is a new loose powder with a more modern packaging. This one of Marcks’ range of powders is suitable for all skin types.

Having a smaller packaging compared to other Marcks powders, this powder is easy to carry when traveling. In addition, this powder is also equipped with sponge which will help you to apply the powder to your face.

This loose powder also contains salicylic acid which is suitable for owners of acne prone faces and for those of you who are active outside the home. Just like Marcks loose powder, this loose powder series also has 5 shades to choose from, namely White, Crème, Rose, Invisible, and Natural Beige. You can get this product for around 20 thousand rupiah.

3. Marks Teens Compact Powder

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This Marcks compact powder is intended for teenagers who want to look natural. The content in this powder is also safe for teenagers who are experiencing acne. The light texture used will not make the powder clog the skin pores which causes acne.

Interestingly, this powder already contains UV protection which will protect facial skin from the dangers of UV rays. In addition, this powder also contains niacinamide which will help brighten the skin. It also contains squalane and chamomile extract which will provide moisture and freshness to the skin.

You don’t need to be afraid to use this loose powder because there is no foundation content like compact powder in general. Even so, you don’t need to worry because this powder will make your skin tone brighter.

This Marcks loose powder shade is the same as the loose powder, namely White, Natural Beige, Invisible, Crème, and Rose. If you are interested in this product, you can buy it for only 25 thousand rupiah.

Knowing the different types of Marcks powder will help you find the right powder to use. Make sure you don’t have the wrong shade so that the powder you use doesn’t turn your face gray.

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