Types of Roses You Must Know!

Roses are one of the most popular ornamental plants among the general public. Even so, not everyone can name the types of roses. Most will probably answer red roses, although there are many other types of roses that are no less beautiful.

Do you like roses but don’t know what types they are? Don’t worry, you will find out after reading this article. Here, you will be given information about the types of roses that exist in the world.

Roses have been cultivated in various ways. Both in a simple way such as cuttings or as complex as cross-breeding. It is not surprising that this type of plant is increasing in number along with technological advances.

In this article, we have summarized information on types of roses that people rarely know about. From those in the world, to those that can grow in Indonesia.

Not only that, you can also find information about rare roses here. You can’t wait to find out? Come on, see the discussion below!

Types of Roses in the World

There are many types of roses found in the world. However, there are some that you may not have seen. You can read about it in the following list:

1. Musk Rose

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Have a scientific name Rosa moschata, this plant is a rose that has long been cultivated from the 16th century. This plant can propagate up to a length of 3-10 meters. Usually, the flowers will bloom in late spring to autumn.

Musk roses have hairs around the seeds under the flesh. These hairs can cause irritation when in contact with the skin and digestive tract problems when eaten.

Flowers that have bloomed usually smell musk strong and can be smelled from a distance. Therefore, this flower is also used as an ingredient for making perfume.

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2. Rose Cabbage

Plants with scientific names Rosa centifolia This is a hybrid rose developed by Dutch rose cultivators from the 17th century. This flower is known for its strong aroma and large flower crown. The shape of the crown that is piled like a cabbage makes this plant known as rose cabbage.

Although this plant has beautiful flowers, its care is quite complicated than ordinary roses. Cabbage roses cannot grow anywhere and are susceptible to diseases and pests.

But, as long as given the right care, Centifolia can actually grow as a hedge plant. Provided there is something that can be used as a support. Flowers will bloom every spring or summer.

3. Rose of Eden

Also known as Pierre de Ronsard, this plant was created by Marie-Louise Meilland. The Eden Rose was first introduced to the public at the Meilland International event in 1985 in France. The name of this plant was inspired by a poet in the Renaissance era, Pierre de Ronsard, as well as referring to his popular poem entitled Mignonne, allons voir si la rose.

This plant can grow in soil with sufficient moisture and sunlight. Eden rose height can reach 180-330 cm. The flower has a diameter of 10 cm and the flower crown can be as many as 70 strands. This flower usually blooms in late spring to late summer.

In 2006, this flower was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the World Federation of Rose Societies because of its beauty. In fact, this flower was also dubbed the World’s Favorite Rose in the same year.

4. Sunsprite Roses

Created by Reimer Kordes and first introduced in 1973, this plant is also known as Friesia and KORresia. Friesia itself is taken from the name of the origin of the creator, namely Friesland.

While KORresia is a code name based on the name of its creator, Kordes. This flower is one of the first roses whose naming uses an abbreviation of the name of its creator.

This plant can grow to a height of 40-75 cm and is not susceptible to pests and diseases. The resulting flower has a diameter of 8 cm and has a strong aroma. Usually, the flowers will bloom in June to September.

Sunsprite was the first floribunda rose to receive the Gamble Award for Fragrance in 1979. In addition, Sunsprite was also awarded other awards, such as the 1972 Baden-Baden Gold Medal, the 1989 James Mason Memorial Medal, and the 1989 RNRS Gold Medal.

5. Double Delight Rose

This flower is the result of cross-breeding of cultivars hybrid tea Granada and the Garden Party. Double Delight was first created by Swim & Ellis and exhibited to the public in 1977.

This plant grows in soil with moist and slightly acidic conditions. Its height can reach 90-150 cm. The flower crown has a diameter of 10 cm and has up to 30 petals. The floral aroma is a blend of citrus fruity and spicy notes.

The color of this flower depends on how much sunlight it gets. The more sunlight, the white will turn to red starting from the edge of the crown. Therefore, if Double Delight is placed in a greenhouse, the crown discoloration will not occur due to the presence of UV filter glass.

Types of Roses That Can Be Grown in Indonesia

Although not a plant that comes from the tropics, there are types of roses that can grow in Indonesia. Here is the list:

1. Princess Rose

Cut roses which have a characteristic dark red color are included in the type of double flower because they have male (stamen) and female (pistil) genitals. The diameter of the flower crown when it is in bloom can reach 9.5-11.5 cm. The scent of flowers that is more fragrant than other roses makes it sell well for buyers like coffee.

In addition, the freshness of these flowers after picking can also last up to 9 days. No wonder you find a lot of these flowers at cut flower sellers.

You can also plant Putri Mawar as an ornamental plant in your home garden. How to care for roses is also not difficult as long as you follow the steps correctly.

2. Talitha Rose

This plant is a type of cut rose with double flowers. The diameter of the crown in bloom is up to 8 cm and the height can reach 50-83 cm.

Talitha roses are usually cultivated and then picked to be used as cut ornamental flowers. If the flowers you pick are placed in a vase, their freshness can last for 7-9 days.

3. Mega White Rose

Flowers on this type of rose have a characteristic crown that curls at the edges. The diameter of this flower when it blooms can reach 9-12 cm and has 104-130 crowns. Although the flower crown is quite large, the fragrance released is not too sharp.

Mega Putih roses are mostly cultivated as cut flowers because their freshness can last up to 9 days after being picked. You can store it in a vase and use it to decorate the room.

4. Mother Nature

Having a pink color, this rose was first introduced in 2001 by the Horticulture Research and Development Center (Puslitbanghorti). When this flower blooms, its diameter can reach 8-9 cm with a stalk length of 5-7 cm.

Unlike other rose plants, this plant has few thorns. In addition, if you are interested in growing Pertiwi roses, you don’t need to bother buying black nets because these plants can grow without shade.

5. Megawati Rose

Introduced together with the Pertiwi rose by Puslitbanghorti, this plant has a red-orange flower color. The diameter of the flower when it blooms is quite large, which is 9-11 cm with a stalk length of 50-57 cm.

The freshness of this flower when put in a vase can last quite a long time, which is 6-8 days. No wonder, if you often find this flower as a cut ornamental flower.

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Rare Types of Roses

Although this plant has been cultivated in various ways, it turns out that there are also limited types of roses, you know. You can see some examples in the following list:

1. Juliet’s Rose

This flower was introduced to the public by David Austin at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2006. David spent around three million pounds sterling or if dirupiahkan as much as 59 billion to create a rose Juliet. It’s natural for David to spend that much money, because it took him 15 years to be able to create this apricot hybrid rose.

Unfortunately, the beauty of this flower cannot be enjoyed by everyone. Like the Shenzhen Nongke orchid, the high price and limited quantity make this flower only the rich can afford. Usually, they take advantage of the beauty of this plant as a wedding decoration or other luxurious banquet.

2. Blue Rose

Source: suntory.com

Initially, this plant appears in fictional stories and can only be produced by dipping white roses in blue paint. This was because the blue pigment or delphinidin at that time was not owned by rose plants. Until finally scientists from Suntory showed off the world’s first blue rose in 2008.

Suntory introduced the blue rose at the International Flower Expo Tokyo. This flower was successfully created after nearly 20 years of research.

The way that scientists have created this flower is to modify the gene so that the rose plant can produce delphinidin. Only, the color of the crown that came out was light purple.

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Has Your Insight on the Types of Roses Growed?

Well, information about the types of roses has been described above. Both from the types of roses that exist in the world, Indonesia, to rare types of roses.

As you have read, there are so many types of roses. Even the process of its creation also requires years of research. In addition, these types of plants are also traded such as coffee beans.

Not only about roses, in IGUCeleb you will also find other interesting articles, such as orchids, tulips, edelweiss, sakura, and so on. Happy reading.

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