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One of the most important things to understand when you want to create a website is the domain.

Yes, the domain is an essential matter for the website because it will greatly affect the readability of the website itself and how the target visitor will respond to the website you create.

kinds of domains

So, speaking of domains, there are various web domains with different extensions available. This difference in domain extensions needs to be understood because it is usually adjusted to the details of the website you want to build.

Therefore, in short, it can be said that domain matters are not only about names, but also extensions.

On this occasion, we will discuss the various extensions of the available domains as well as their designations. Later, you will also get information about tips for choosing the right domain name. Curious? Check out the full review!

style="text-align: left;">What are Domains?

Before discussing the various domain extensions, of course you should understand what exactly is meant by the domain itself.

In short, a domain name is the address of a site or website that is typed into a browser when looking for information. Thus, the domain will be a guide for visitors to visit a website.

On the other hand there are domain extensions. What is meant by a domain extension is a code that is added behind the domain name, for example .com, .id or others. This extension also has an influence, especially on the credibility of the website created.


when you want to create a website, it is mandatory for you to consider these two things. Of course, the domain name and extension must match the details of the website to be created.

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Types of Website Domains To Choose

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of website domains available to choose from when building a new website.

Of course, with the various web domains, you will tend to be more flexible in choosing the right domain for the website you are going to manage.

The several types of domains are as follows:

1) Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD)

Generic Top Level Domain is a domain that has general or general properties. Because of this nature, there are no special requirements needed when you want to use this domain extension on the website that you want to create.

There are quite a number of domain extensions that fall into this category. Some lists of top level domains in this category and their designations are as follows:

  • .com : used for commercial website purposes
  • .org : used for the purposes of the organization’s website
  • .net : used for internet or network websites
  • .biz : used for business website purposes
  • .edu : used for educational website purposes
  • .info : used for website information purposes
  • .name : used for personal website purposes
  • .pro : used for professional website purposes
  • .aero : used for the purposes of airline websites
  • asia: used for website purposes in the asia region
  • .cat : used for category website purposes
  • .coop : used for company website or cooperation
  • .gov : used for the purposes of government websites
  • .int : used for international websites
  • .jobs : used for job website purposes
  • .mile : used for military website purposes

In addition to the variety above, there are actually several other domains that fall into the TLD category. You can consider the details above and choose which one suits the website you are building.

2) Country Code Top Level Domain (cc-TLD)

This type of domain is a domain that appears based on the code of the country. Well, by using this domain extension, the country of origin of the managed website can be known.

The various domains that fall into the cc-TLD category are as follows:

  • .id : used for website domain names in Indonesia
  • au : used for website domain names in Australia
  • .us : used for website domain names in the United States
  • .sg : used for website domain name in Singapore

Based on the details above, if you want to build a new website, then the domain extension used is .id. However, in its use, there are several conditions that must be met first.

Not only that, especially for Indonesia, the .id domain extension has a variety of other variations that can be selected based on the usability of the website. For example, the .ac.id domain is used for university websites, the .co.id domain is used for commercial websites, and others.

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Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Along with the importance of a domain name, you certainly have to be selective in choosing the domain name you want to use. There are several tips that can be used as a reference, such as:

  • Use a short and easy to remember domain name
  • Avoid using hyphens and numbers
  • Make sure the domain name is easy to spell and pronounce
  • Use a familiar domain extension


Well, that’s some reviews about various web domains what you need to know. Check out the various domains and choose which domain is suitable for use. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.

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