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ipadguides.id – A student of the State Islamic University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim (UIN Maliki) Malang died after participating in an extra pencak silat activity. They held the pencak silat event at Coban Rais tourism, Batu City on Saturday (6/3/2021).

This incident certainly garnered a lot of attention because at this time he was still studying online and there had not been any activities taking place in the campus environment.

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Beginning of Event

Illustration of a dead person (Photo: Jawa Pos)

Launching from detik.com, the Head of the Oro-Oro Forest Stakeholder, Ombo Hadi Mustafa, said that Rizki was attending the Pagar Nusa Pencak Silat education and training. The activity was started by walking from Tlekung Village to the Coban Rais tourist camping ground location, in Oro-Oro Ombo Village, Batu District, at 10 noon.

He also revealed that the victim had complained of pain in his chest, until he experienced shortness of breath. This prompted the team to take him to the Karsa Husada General Hospital (RSU).

“In the middle of the journey, the victim complained of chest pain until he experienced shortness of breath. Then the committee took the victim to the Karsa Husada General Hospital, Batu City,” said Hadi Mustofa, Sunday (7/3/2021).

Hadi also said that while being treated at Karsa Husada General Hospital the victim died instantly. In fact, they suspected it was because the victim was too tired or exhausted, because he walked from Tlekung Village to go to Coban Rais tour. Although, the distance from the departure point to the destination is only about 3 kilometers.

“The terrain is also not difficult, the distance is only 3 kilometers. We suspect the victim was exhausted,” he said.

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The Victim’s Current Presence

Oro-Oro Forest Stakeholder Officer (Photo: Klik Jatim)

Currently the victim is still at the Karsa Husada General Hospital, even waiting for confirmation from the party in charge of the Pagar Nusa UKM UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang. Because until now there has been no further confirmation.

“The body is still at Karsa Husada General Hospital, Batu City. The members are still there, and we are also waiting for further information from the committee regarding the incident,” Hadi said.

UIN Malang Student Dies While Participating in Silat Extracurricular

Here’s a glimpse of information about UIN Maliki Malang students who died while participating in pencak silat activities. Mimin’s advice if possible, don’t have activities before the pandemic really ends and online lectures end.

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