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KAli, I’m not alone. This trip I was with Jaki, Jodi, and Andry uncle. Why are you using the title? photo trip? Because our job there was just taking pictures, taking pictures, and taking pictures. hehe..

For those who want to go to the end of the tile from Bandung, it’s easy. Just take a bus from Leuwipanjang to Sukabumi (MGI Bus 21rb). After arriving at the Sukabumi terminal, take the yellow angkot 03 to the overtime terminal (five thousand rupiah).

photo above by : zakyakbar

Continue with ELF to Surade (22 rb), be careful getting drunk, because the path has many holes and the driver is a bit insane: you can’t tell the difference between bringing a goat and bringing someone. Last but not least, take the red angkot in front of the Surade mosque to the end of the tile (ten thousand) to the end of the tile.

The beach at the end of the tile is still beautiful as usual. We chose to go on foot rather than take a motorcycle taxi because apart from being expensive, we can enjoy the southern coast of Sukabumi more freely!

The first day we didn’t go straight to the beach but chose to hunt sunset around the inn. We stayed at the Hexa cottage. The rate is around 125 thousand for a standard one and 250 thousand for a room with air conditioning.

But this sunset hunting took two victims. My cellphone and uncle Andry’s Blackberry went into the water. My cellphone is lucky it still works, only some of the keypads are a little error and the microphone is broken. While om Andry’s Blackberry seems totally dead. Nb: now it works normally but the microphone is broken. 🙁

If you want to go to the end of the tile, I suggest bringing your own food. Even if you can bring an outdoor stove and ingredients so you can cook yourself. Because looking for food is a bit difficult here, even if there is the most indomie hehe. There are those who sell food in the market and in hotels, but the prices are also pretty decent.

The second day I was hunting sunrise at the beach near the fish auction. Because the beach over there faces east. It was a bit cloudy that morning, but I still took pictures. Because I’m used to trying make-good-photo-in-bad-light haha.

After cleaning up a bit, we immediately walked along the beach at the end of the roof to the pangumbahan. It’s not far, if you walk continuously without stopping, at least it’s only about an hour or so. But because we stopped and took pictures, it took us more than 2 hours.

After walking for about 2 hours, we arrived at Pangumbahan beach, a turtle breeding place. Here if we come at the right time, around 5 pm the hatchlings will be released. They are very funny, vying to return to the sea with full of struggle against the waves.

After that we hunt sunset in Pangumbahan. We hunted around the former ruins of the building. Sunset here is extraordinary. I was very impressed with the sunset this time. Subhanallah, the light is really just right! It’s just a matter of testing our skills to get good exposure.

For this sunset, the victims were all the cameras hit by the waves. My camera was the worst hit by the waves because it was at a low angle. But luckily these cameras are still pretty powerful.

After satisfied hunting, we returned to the inn. Still on foot, armed with two flashlights and tired, we returned to the hexa hut.

And that night we still consumed Indomie plus milk coffee…

The next day, we tried to hunt sunrise again. But it was raining so we didn’t want to. Finally we agreed to go straight to Curug Cikaso. To go to Cikaso, we rented an angkot at the end of the roof tile for 150 thousand.

Photographing in the waterfall is very dangerous because it is very slippery, make sure to bring a dry cloth or tissue to dry the lens so that the photo is not ‘watery’.

Those are a few notes from this trip. I am very satisfied hunting this time!

All photos were taken with a canon 5d with the EF 28mm f/1.8, 50mm f/1.8 and 100mm f.2.8L lenses. Waterfall photos with CPL, sunrise and sunset photos with Gradual ND filters.

Thank You!

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