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Ukraine war: Putin is humiliated as defecting troops learn how to blow up RUSSIAN tanks | World | News

The Russian army reportedly surrendered and switched sides to fight against Vladimir Putin, a report claims.

The captured Russian troops have even formed their own battalion and have been photographed training with their new ally in Ukraine.

A video posted on the Telegram app shows a man, who claims to be a former Russian soldier, now part of the new Freedom of Russia legion.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense said in Telegram on Wednesday that the legionary commander visited detained Russian troops to select new recruits.

They added that the “first volunteers” had “started” their training, including weapons training.

They said: “Today legionary personnel, under the guidance of instructors of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, studied the NLAW grenade launcher.”

They added that the detained Russians “ipadnewsed a common desire on behalf of all volunteers to carry out the first battle against the Putin regime’s guard dogs – the Kadyrovites”.

This refers to fighters from Chechnya – loyal to Putin and the leader of the republic Ramzan Kadyrov.