UKT is Too Expensive, UPI Bandung Students Hold a Demonstration – Student Zone – The news of students protesting against the Indonesian Education University (UPI) Bandung occurred on January 14, 2021. These students are pressing for higher tuition fees.

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Information from UPI Student Alliance Representative

UPI Bandung Student Alliance (Photo: Suara Jabar)

They find it difficult to pay for college because many families have been affected by the pandemic. From this incident, Alaudin as a representative of the UPI student alliance revealed about the re-verification of late tuition fees contained in Permendikbud Number 25 of 2020 article 12.

However, until now this has not been realized so that many students make demands from the campus. On Tuesday (18/1/2020) yesterday, Alaudin revealed to Suara that until now the campus has never realized Permendikbud No.25 of 2020 Article 12 regarding UKT verification.

“The campus is just for relaxation and installments, even though it is the campus’ obligation to change the UKT amount by re-verifying,” added Suara. If the re-verification is actually realized, the UKT for students is expected to be cheaper so that the burden on parents will be lighter.

“On average, almost all UKT students here are above four million,” he said. In this case, the amount is paid per semester or every six months.

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Not only that, Alaudin’s friends also issued a firm criticism of the campus related to the rector’s regulation which states that students who cannot afford tuition fees will be dropped out.

Based on Alaudin’s statement, many students had to take time off because they could not afford the UKT. On leave, it is not uncommon for students to resign or drop out because they do not get a solution from the campus.

“We have made several attempts, including sitting down with the campus to discuss this, but there is no clear solution. In the near future, we (students) will take further action,” he added.

UKT is Too Expensive, UPI Bandung Students Hold a Demonstration

That’s a review of the demonstration of a group of students at the University of Education Indonesia, Bandung.

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