Understand 5 Signs of a Child Not Suitable for Formula Milk, Diarrhea to Difficulty Sleeping

Jakarta – Mother, does your little one need extra milk? To meet the nutritional needs of their little ones, many parents choose to give formula milk to support their growth and development.

However, in choosing formula milk, you must carefully choose the content in it. Most importantly, the mother can consult the nutritional and nutritional needs of the child to the doctor before buying milk for the little one.

This is important because some children have allergies to certain formula milks. According to Jessica Gust, a child nutritionist in California, formula milk on the market has different ingredients. Pediatrician’s recommendation is needed to choose the right formula milk.

“This is to be a guide so that you can easily make the transition from one formula to another,” he said as quoted from page Forbes.

So, before choosing milk, you need to know the needs of each child according to their medical conditions and needs. If your little one does not tolerate standard formula (sufor), immediately switch to another brand of milk by adjusting the content in it. It can be adjusted to the symptoms that appear in the Little One.

When you decide to give additional milk, the most important thing to know is to know the symptoms or signs that your baby is not suitable for formula milk. It’s good, Mother also recognizes this, what are the signs that a baby is not suitable for formula milk.

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Well, here are some signs that your baby is not suitable for formula milk that you need to know, as quoted from the page Babygaga:

1. Difficulty sleeping

Children who are full and feel comfortable will usually fall asleep easily, Mother. However, when they have difficulty sleeping after being given formula milk, try to see if there are allergies that appear. If your baby has trouble sleeping for days, it means that you need to change the brand of formula used. It could be that the incompatibility of the formula milk that you gave was the cause, Mother.

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