Understand Why Toddlers Like To Hit And The Solution, Be Patient, Bun

Jakarta – Mother, have you ever experienced the incident of your little one hitting him while playing with his peers? Maybe that’s a big question, yes, did Mother make a mistake in her upbringing.

Don’t worry, it turns out that it’s not because of the mother’s wrong way of taking care of the little one, but one of the stages in the child’s development.

“This behavior belongs to the toddler ‘developmental stage’ because it is common in children between the ages of 1 and 2,” says Deborah Glasser Schenck, Ph.D., director of Family Support Services. at Nova Southeastern University, as quoted from page Parents.

Your little one may not realize that spanking can be painful because the affection isn’t fully there until they are about 3 years old, Mother. Even if your little one understands that spanking can be painful, they may not be able to hold back because a 1-year-old doesn’t have impulse control.

“Toddlers don’t fully understand their emotions or those of others, so they don’t intentionally hurt someone’s feelings,” says Edward Carr, PhD, professor of psychology at the State University of New York. Parents.

So, what actually causes your little one to like to hit? Quoted from the page HealthlineHere are the reasons why toddlers like to hit Mother.

1. They are testing the limits

Like many toddler behaviors (spilling sauce on your clothes, yelling during rush hour), spanking has a common theme, namely to test the limits of what is acceptable.

‘What will happen if I do this?’ Knowing their sibling cries when hit with a stick or hitting a drum is not the same as hitting Mother is part of their learning process.

2. They don’t have self-control yet

If you are dealing with your little one, their impulse control is basically non-existent. When they feel frustrated, happy or bored, they will unhesitatingly express it through a punch. The good news is, they start to show positive growth at this stage (between the ages of 3 and 9 years).

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3. They don’t understand it’s bad yet

Mothers, toddlers sometimes use violence without being provoked by others. This supports the idea that they just want to see what will happen and don’t yet have a moral compass or understanding that they can, but shouldn’t, hurt other people.

Scientists have studied this phenomenon in toddlers aged 11 to 24 months and have concluded that in most cases, children do not feel pressured at all when hitting others.

4. They don’t know how to process feelings

Another reason toddlers resort to spanking, both themselves and others, is because it’s their way of dealing with their ‘big’ emotions, Mom.

They get frustrated, but unlike adults who can calmly explain their frustrations to a partner or trusted friend, toddlers often don’t have the language or self-control skills to stop, check on their feelings, and react in certain ways.

Then, what is the solution for toddlers who like to hit? Click on the next page, Mom.

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