Understanding, Benefits, and How to Get It

For marketers, the meaning of lead generation is certainly not something foreign in digital marketing strategies. So simply put, leads are people who have been interested in the offering of a product or service, either because of its quality or its marketing techniques.

So, how important is strategy implementation? lead so as not to lose customers? Immediately see the full explanation below, friend!

What are leads?

The meaning of a lead is a person or audience who has been influenced by the products or services of the company that you offer. In short, leads are people who have the potential to become customers of your product or service.

To better understand the meaning of leads, Jagoan Hosting will provide one example. Have you ever received a product or service offer via email? For example, offering a new shoe product. If you have, then chances are you’ve done something that shows your interest in shoes before, I don’t know browsing on the internet and elsewhere.

With this information, usually business people will use lead data to send promotions and offers.

Besides leads, another related term is lead generation. The difference from leads is that lead generation is an activity to attract as many potential customers as possible. There are various ways to attract this, from customer loyalty programs such as discounts, promos, vouchers, gifts, and so on.

id="mengapa-lead-itu-penting">Why are leads important?

After knowing the meaning of lead and also lead generation, it is necessary to understand that the current marketing strategy trends, market leads be an important part. This is because market leads useful in marketing, especially digital marketing. Here are the reasons why leads are important:

  • To make it easier to contact potential customers.
  • Make it easy to do marketing with inbound strategies.
  • Make it easy to send messages that attract customers and potential customers.
  • Makes it easy to map customers demographically.
  • Make it easy to promote and convert to the most potential customers.

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id="jenis-lead">Lead type

Lead consists of 4 types. The 4 types of leads that you need to know are as follows.

1. Sales qualified leads

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is the first type of lead. Sales qualified leads are those who already have an interest in becoming customers and want to spend their money to buy the products and services that you already offer.

2. Marketing qualified leads

Marketing qualified leads are those who have interacted with product or service promotional materials that you have done before.

Basically type marketing qualified leads are people who are familiar with the products or services you offer, but have not made a purchase. Compared to other lead types, marketing qualified leads is the type of lead with the most potential for action to purchase.

3. Product
qualified leads

Product qualified leads are potential customers who have already tried the products that you offer. Usually this customer has tried from free trial that you offer, and have an interest in taking the next action, such as using or buying a product.

4. Service qualified leads

Service qualified leads is a type of lead that also has the same meaning as product qualified leads. the difference, service qualified leads are potential customers who have tried the services you offer and have an interest in getting other complete services.

Benefits of leads

If the reasons why leads are important still don’t convince you, here are some of the benefits of leads that you need to know to make your marketing activities easier:

  1. It’s easier to find people who are interested in the products and services you offer.
  2. Makes it easy to map demographics of customers and potential customers, for example from city of origin and so on.
  3. Promote to the right people and have the potential to buy the product or service you offer.
  4. Make it easier to communicate further and can do promotions to these customers and potential customers.
  5. Can do marketing with an easier inbound marketing strategy.

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id="cara-mendapatkan-lead">How to get leads

Now, after understanding the types of leads and their benefits for marketing, especially online marketing, then Jagoan Hosting will discuss how to get leads. So, how to get leads is as follows.

1. Take advantage of social media

The way to get leads is to take advantage of social media. This technique is usually referred to as social media marketing. Actively carrying out marketing techniques through social media can increase attendance and also increase sales brand awareness your product or service.

2. Create interesting content

The next way to get leads is to produce interesting content. If you can create interesting content, it is guaranteed to bring in high potential leads. Not only that, you can also get a target market according to your target.

3. Giveaway

Stage giveaway can also be one way to get leads. You can provide conditions that require people to fill in data in order to get prizes. That way, you can get leads from people who follow giveaway the.

4. Trial products or services

By letting people try the products and services that you offer, you can get potential leads. This method is also useful for getting potential customers and leads of different types product qualified leads or whatever service qualified leads.

5. Create a landing page

Creating a landing page can also be one way to get leads. Landing pages aim to collect information such as email addresses, names, and phone numbers. Usually this landing page contains information on the product or service offered and has an interesting headline.

Well, to create a landing page, of course you must have a website. You can use one of the Jagoan Hosting services, namely Unlimited hosting. Jagoan Hosting also offers special prices from a capital of 6 THOUSAND rupiah to 35 THOUSAND rupiah which you can choose according to your needs!

6. Webinars

Holding webinars is one way to get leads, usually of the MQL type. With webinars, you can get leads according to the right segmentation target, because you can offer webinars related to your products and services.

7. Quiz

Unlike a giveaway, you can hold a quiz with a purpose ‘have fun‘ or just have fun. You can create quizzes with trivia, or simple questions that attract customers or potential customers, so that they eventually become a lead.

8. Give the option to subscribe to content

This method is also an effective way to get leads, friend. When the audience decides to become a subscriber, usually you can get a name, email and also an active number that can be used to send promotions according to the target segmentation.

9. Provide live chat on the website

Adding live chat on the website not only adds to the credibility of the website itself, but can also increase leads. This is because usually the live chat feature on the website provides a contact form that is filled in by the visitor and eventually becomes a lead.

10. Discount coupon

No one can resist the discount, agree or not, friend? Well, from this method you can get leads by applying certain conditions to get a discount. For example in the form of a form to get email address data and personal info that is useful for providing promotions.

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11. Create an event

The way to get the next lead is to hold an offline event. By holding an offline event, you can open a registration form which is finally able to bring in leads, namely from participants who want to join your event.

12. Referrals

The last way to get leads is by referrals. With referrals, you can get potential customers, because only people who are already interested or using the product are usually the target of this strategy.

Stages of doing leads

To get leads and lead generation, it takes several stages. The following are the stages of making leads that can be carried out by companies.

1. Get leads

First, the lead stage is the process of attracting and inviting visitors as leads to visit your website. At this stage, of course, quality content is needed, such as creating blogs, photos, infographics, and so on.

You also need to make sure that the content you post is in accordance with the products or services offered and also in accordance with the target audience you want to target.

2. Connect with leads

After getting leads to visit your website, the next step is to build a good relationship with the leads. The process of building this relationship can be done within a month or up to a year.

3. Lead value

Furthermore, after getting a lot of leads, you can make an assessment of the leads, which one is more priority than the others. Start by assessing which leads you interact with the most to prioritize. This method aims to focus on building leads to be more effective and on target.

4. Convey leads to sales team

The next lead stage is working with the sales team. If you work as a marketing team, then you can convey the leads that have been obtained to the sales team to be converted into customers.

Furthermore, the sales team will be responsible for maintaining these leads so they can make purchases and also make purchases repeat order.

5. Evaluate the lead process

After carrying out the steps above, the next step is to conduct an evaluation. Lead evaluation aims to make leads more effective and efficient. You can evaluate by applying certain metrics such as traffic, conversion value, and so on.

That’s the explanation about the meaning of leads in digital marketing that you can apply to develop your business. Among other marketing strategies, fostering customer loyalty is a technique that has nothing to lose. So, don’t hesitate to give it a try, mate! Good luck and see you in another discussion!

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