Understanding OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and the purpose of its use

Welcome to RahmanCyber ​​Broadcastinghere we discuss more deeply about the world of broadcasting, this time we discuss about Streaming. “Use of OBS to support activities Online for education as well as activities Marketing“Because I see and observe the two, how come they are inseparable… Marketing nice to include “Education” components such as webinars, workshops… 🙂 because in the end it improves Salesthen yes…. “Cuan” said someone Sono said… But yes… there’s nothing wrong, right… 🙂 , especially if you can make a contribution in the world of education, that’s actually good… right? finally… audience who decides… hehe.

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But indeed OBS is also very helpful in the world of pure education, especially for online activities… to be able to display professional learning by combining various source which can make it more interactive and lively.

You can even combine Shootingand camera yourself, with Slide Power Point, along with scribbles using the built-in Pen Tablet Mix in one Scene.

We can also switch scenes easily, meaning we can prepare what Scene 1 looks like, what scene 2 is used for,… when Live Streamyou can switch easily, you can even membrane your Live Stream using the Transition “Stinger”, which is quite popular among streamers on the TWITCH platform.

style="text-align: left;">Understanding OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

OBS Studio is computer software for stream and cross recording platform free and open source made using Qt and managed by the Project OBS.

This OBS is tough enough to be a partner
live streaming you, at once live recording partner you, besides being able to get it for free, as I explained above, sourced from the site officialOBS, it turns out that OBS also gets a lot of active community support. So if you encounter a problem, it will be easy to find a solution.

You can download the latest OBS here.

style="text-align: left;">OBS supported platforms

You can download for platform OS Windows, Mac, and our ideal OS are all LINUX-based.

For windows itself, OBS is very good support for windows 10, it looks like it will also support windows 11.

You can just follow the progress on the official OBS website.


OBS project raises funds for Open Collective and Patreon.

Important features of OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

There are 3 important things that I highlight in the usability section of OBS,

1. OBS can be used for streaming

because this is indeed the base as
Streaming software. you can do stream to various platform
supported, including Youtube, Twitch and Facebook even Twitter! you can too LIVE Instagram and platform other by professional with the availability of Custom stream settings.

OBS Streaming

But of course you need to learnmastering OBS“especially in the user interface of this OBS software, to be able to take advantage of its features and be able to operate it properly for your streaming needs.

2. OBS can also be used for Live Recording

so while you liveyou can also do live stream recording you, besides that, you can also choose the option to do recording just without live streaming. You can set Output to MP4 or MKV format, you can set “BITRATE”, “Recording Quality” and “Encoder” which can improve the quality

recording obs

3. You can also make OBS for Virtual Camera

This feature is very useful when you do Meeting on Zoom for example, or Google Meet, or when you’re Live use Youtube at the same time Stream to Zoom Meeting.

obs virtual camera

Like when the Graduation Event at the campus where I work, we use OBS to be able to do Streaming through two platform that, so you can live streaming on Youtube, as well as being able to be interactive at Zoom Meetings.

Although we also need additional tools, such as ATEM MINI PROto support that, because not only live streaming only, but also connected to various Projectors at the event venue.

So that with this software, it can make it easier for us in our activities Broadcasting.


are the three Main Functions in my opinion, apart from that, if we draw it more broadly, there are other functions in various aspects of usability in all fields that are more specific.

Because with OBS not only Streaming only, but you can do Mixing Source to enrich your streaming display and increase the professionalism of the show. For Mixing Source material, I put it in a separate discussion, of course it is still in one category of learning about OBS, you can read about it in the material Mixing various sources with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Uses of OBS in the field of broadcasting more concentrated or specific

  1. For online learning so that it can become a faculty or campus archive, especially in the era of the Merdeka Campus Collaboration / Independent Learning.
  2. As a means stream workshop
  3. As a means stream relaxation
  4. As a means stream for music concert
  5. As a means to support regular recitation Live in various Platforms
  6. As a means to do conference international viewable by the public or a limited audience
  7. As a means stream webinar
  8. As a means stream Youtuber
  9. As a means stream games on Twitch
  10. As a means to story telling interactive
  11. As a means of supporting broadcasts News/News
  12. As a means of support stream celebratory events 🙂 for example wedding receptions, birthdays, circumcisions, etc

and many others, you can add in the comments column.. 🙂

Conclusion of OBS Streaming Software Discussion

OBS has many uses, especially in the world of broadcasting, even in the world of education, we can do live recordings that are more interactive and have a lot of source that can be displayed, so that this will greatly facilitate the process of producing video teaching materials.

It really lightens the workload of the VIDEO EDITOR, who if you have to edit multicamit really takes quite a bit of time, especially with the support of computer equipment that is standard for video production, so that it doesn’t falter, especially the demands for video resolutions that are getting higher from time to time.

Just imagine, from PAL 720×576 size, now it reaches 4K and even 8K, which incidentally has a resolution of 8000 px… it’s really scary..

With this OBS… you can cut production time more to improve the creation of teaching material content..

Of course if you have multiple cameras, you need a device called a Switcher, I’ve discussed the ROLAND V1HD switcher material for multicam,

Then there are other options as well as a switcher that can support streaming activities and can already work with OBS from my experience, namely ATEM MINI if you have a budget below 10 million, or ATEM MINI PRO which has more complete features if your budget is above 18 million … to 20 million …

Hopefully this discussion can add to your insight and as a reminder of knowledge for me..

See you in another discussion on RahmanCyber.NET.


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