Understanding the Importance of Sharing Content on Social Media

Understanding the Importance of Sharing Content on Social Media

Social media is still a much-needed media and even mandatory for some activities, such as business. Social media is no longer a medium used to greet each other with friends or people who are far away. But now social media makes it easy for business people to develop their offline business into an online business.

One feature that can help business people is sharing. Of course the content that we create and post on social media must get a big response to be able to attract the attention of our potential customers. Through this sharing feature, everyone will know how our business is through the content we post.

Well, here we share some information about social media sharing features and facts.

6 types of content sharing on social media:

Understanding the Importance of Sharing Content on Social Media

1. Hipster

Hipster style content via techly.com.au

Like someone with a quirky or unique appearance. This type of content sharing on social media is perfect for using Instagram as a medium. They can freely be creative, and create content that is fresh and becomes popular.

2. Career

Professional-style content type, via ucarinsure.com

For job seekers or even entrepreneurs, connection is one that must be fulfilled. So this type of person must be familiar with LinkedIn to find a much wider relationship.

3. Altruism

Altruistic content type via t3.com

Email is still a suitable medium for sharing content. Why? because email can still connect and can be used properly by everyone who understands the internet. Most internet marketers who are successful in building their digital assets are still mostly using the medium of email.

4. Selective

Selective content writer types

Bloggers will certainly be the selective type. They will be very careful and wise in posting and sharing content for netizens. They can share content via social media or their influential email,

Understanding the Importance of Sharing Content on Social Media

5. Boomerang

Boomerang content

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be used to share information to get action faster and feel validated by their followers. Boomerang types will tend to use 3 media at once, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

6. Connector

Connector type

Well, for those who like creativity in creating content, Facebook is the right medium or tool to start activities from offline to online.

So what is shared?

  • Value & entertainment : 94%
  • Promote Causes : 84%
  • Nourish relationships : 78%
  • Self Fulfillment : 69%
  • Define Identify : 68%

So, what’s the reason?

  • Facebook: 25% of Facebook users don’t have to bother with managing their privacy
  • LinkedIn : 2 people/new members will join LinkedIn every second
  • Youtube : The number of Youtube followers over the age of 18-34 years
  • Twitter : 90% of content is generated by 2% of all Twitter users
  • Instagram : More than 150 million Active Instagram users currently
  • Pinterest: 50% of pinterest users have children and 80% of them are female users.

What method is used to share?


  • 23% of Facebook users, will check their account 5 or more per day
  • Most social media visitors come from mobile devices, namely:
    – 94% Facebook & Instagram
    – 54% Twitter & Youtube
  • There are 140 photos and 500 CEOs on LinkedIn
  • Email is still the CEO’s taste
  • 90% of active email users, will check their email regularly

Your company:

  • A total of 1M websites have been integrated with Facebook
  • 67% Twitter followers are much more likely to buy a product than those we follow
  • 85% of people find it easier to relate to a business when they follow social media
  • 82% of shoppers say they believe when they see a company CEO on social media