Unique, Cut Meyriska craves number 6 chips in her second pregnancy

Jakarta – The Cut Meyriska and Roger Danuarta couple are waiting for the arrival of their second baby, Mother. When invited to an event Morning Ambyar TRANS TVCut Meyriska also shared her second pregnancy experience.

This young mother revealed that her current pregnancy is very different from her previous pregnancy, Mother.

“It’s really different, the first one didn’t feel anything, even though he vomited six times but he was still walking strong, he was still enthusiastic. But if you are pregnant, before you know you are pregnant, you are really weak, very sore, very dizzy,” said Cut Meyriska, as quoted from TRANS TV Official YouTube channel Tuesday (19/10/2021).

Cut Meyriska felt the difference not only, but her husband, Roger Danuarta also felt it.

“Yes, for changes, it seems that this pregnancy is more pronounced for him. So I rarely want to go out, I just want to relax at home,” said Roger.

Well, when asked about cravings, this beautiful actress revealed that she was not too concerned about it, Mother.

“Indeed, from the first pregnancy to the second I never had cravings like that. If you crave, if you don’t get it, you have to keep getting it, right? I want it a lot, but I just want it if I don’t get it, it’s okay,” he said.

But there is something unique, Mother, in this second pregnancy Cut Meyriska had a craving for number 6 chips.

“So I already told my husband, I really want chips but the number 6. I don’t know the name,” said Cut Meyriska.

“Yes, so I told my husband but my husband didn’t understand what I meant. I want it, it’s like I can’t get it, I just kept on talking to the nurse for fun, I really want the number 6. Then I drew it with a pen, I took a photo,” he continued.

So Mother, the number 6 chip that Cut Meyriska meant was actually an elephant chip.

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In this event, Cut Meyriska also shared stories that she and her husband often chatted with the little one in her womb.

“Yeah, I’m talking to the baby dede. Usually they say healthy, enthusiastic, we are both strong. Because this pregnancy is really hard. So, for example, if you are tired for 3 hours, it seems like you have to rest for 2 hours, you can’t move at all,” said Cut Meyriska.

“Yes, we invite you to chat, we pray that growth is healthy until later, until delivery is smooth. Anyway all is well.” added Roger.

Hopefully what this couple hopes for comes true, Mother.

Speaking of cravings, have you experienced them too? Why did this happen, Mother? Find out on the next page.

Check out the video about the husband joining in on cravings when his wife is pregnant below.

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