Urgent! 7 Advantages of Having Your Own Website for Business

In addition to using the marketplace as a sales medium, having a business website also has several advantages for the progress of your business.

Small and large businesses are increasingly aggressive for go online because of the convenience felt by business people and consumers, as well as fast and practical transaction processes. The survey from We Are Social in April 2021 shows the numbers 88.1% Indonesian people use business services on line (e-commerce) for primary, secondary, and tertiary needs.

The survey from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in 2019 stated that business on line (e-commerce) in Indonesia moves through marketplaces, websites, social media, and platform instant messaging like WhatsApp.

The survey shows data that 65.14% business on line in Indonesia actively sell on social media, while 25.72% through marketplaces, and 4.96% through websites.

Even though, website Your business is like a ‘home’ that potential customers can visit as ‘guests’, just by searching on a search engine. It’s a shame if your business doesn’t have websites, especially during this pandemic which limits direct contact in trade.

Have website business is very important!

In 2021, it is very important for business people to have website own business because there are 7 advantages that you can feel.

1. Attract new customers

By having website For your own business, your business works 24 hours a day and can be accessed anywhere. Of course, it has great potential in attracting new consumers who want to know more about the products and business services that you offer.

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2. Consumers have more confidence in your business

The advantages that you can feel after having website business is trusted by consumers as well as clients.

Website business is the first attraction for potential customers and clients to see how superior your business product or service is. If your business is in the service sector, prospective clients can see your portfolio and various parties who have collaborated as a consideration to take advantage of the professionalism of your business.

Besides that, website You can also use business as a place to show the superior side of a row of competitors, you know!

3. Business information is more controlled

If your business only relies on social media as a platform business, you are quite dizzy to control the information that must be there. In addition to product information, you also need to explore various consumer favorite content fun to increase engagement.

In addition to social media, it is also important for you to have website business. You can complete various business information that is more controlled, such as product catalogs, your business history, testimonials, and can even transact directly there without waiting for an admin reply.

4. Economical

One of the advantages of having website business is cost-effective.

You need to know this, if you make website This business doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, it’s really possible website Your business is created independently.

Plus, having website The business itself also functions as an advertisement that can be accessed at any time on the internet. So, you no longer need to use high-cost advertising.

5. Reach a wider audience

Your business target audience may already have boundaries that you can adjust for social media content as well website business. Even though it is segmented, the advantage of having website business is being able to reach a wider audience, you know!

For example, a 35 year old male consumer can still be visitors in website business fashion You whose target audience is women aged 18-30 years. The consumer can visit website Your business goal is to find clothes that fit as gifts, starting with searching on search engines.

6. Get closer to consumers through E-Mail Marketing

Uniquely has website business is being able to get closer to consumers and make them fall in love through sending e-mail marketing.

To send marketing e-mails with relevant content and attractive promotions, you will collect database based on visitors or register by filling out the e-mail subscription form at website business.

Quoted from thebuilderhero.com, e-mail marketing has 40 times more power to attract new customers than through social media.

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7. Easy to find in search engines

Utilise website as a medium of business certainly related to SEO (Search engine optimization) which makes it easier to unique and complete information about your business more easily found in search engines.

Google search engine has features Google My Business, registration is also free. This feature makes it easier for consumers to find website business, shop address offline (if any) that is integrated into Google Maps, contacts that can be contacted, to consumer testimonials.

When consumers are looking for products or services related to your business on search engines, your business name immediately appears, and they immediately consider visiting website your business!

Come on, do it website your own business quickly and easily!

Have website Business is an important factor that makes your business more successful, known and trusted by many people on the internet to buy products or use the services you offer.

Well, to make website business is easy and fast. You can develop it yourself using WordPress.

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