Urgent! These are 3 Benefits of Using Skincare Before Makeup

3 Benefits of Using Skincare Before Makeup
Urgent! These are 3 Benefits of Using Skincare Before Makeup 5

Use make-up for most women is mandatory. Especially for those of you who have to work outside in the morning. Busy time in the morning often makes women forget or even intentionally don’t use skincare first before applying make-up.

Though, using skincare before using makeup has good benefits for the skin and make-up you. Well so that you don’t skip skincare again for busy reasons, let’s know 3 benefits of using skincare before make-up the following.

Makeup More durable

Illustration of makeup tools/Pexels.com/Anderson Guerra
Illustration of makeup tools/ Photo: Pexels.com/Anderson Guerra

The benefits of using skincare before the first makeup you will get are: make-up you will last longer. skincare will make the skin more moist so that it helps the makeup to absorb more into the skin.

Use of skincare before application make-up will lock make-up so it sticks longer lasting on the face. Especially for those of you who like to move all day, it is highly recommended to use skincare first. Thus, your makeup will stay on-point all day!

More Results Flawless and Glowing

Glowing makeup illustration/Pexels.com/Daniel Xavier
Glowing makeup illustration/ Photo: Pexels.com/Daniel Xavier

Beauties, try it ok you compare the results make-up-mu without use skincare before, with the use of skincare. Definitely results make-up by using the previous skincare, it looks more flawless, right? Product skincare will help make-up blends more with your skin so it’s not visible patchy.

So, the makeup look will look smoother and softer flawless. In addition, using skincare before make-up can make your skin look more moisthealthy and glowingBeauties.

Because the key of make-up which glowing is moist and healthy skin. Well, for those of you who like the look of makeup dewy glow Korean style, you must use skincare before make-up.

Protect Skin

Illustration using makeup/Pexels.com/Min An
Illustration using makeup/ Photo: Pexels.com/Min An

Use skincare like toner, moisturizerand sunscreen useful for protecting the skin before using make-up. skincare will help keep your skin healthy even if you use make-up every day.

Also, no less important, to protect the skin from sun exposure and cold air conditioning which can dry out the skin. That’s why it’s very important to apply skin care products before using make-up.

Those are the 3 benefits of using skincare before make-up. Well, even if you’re busy, don’t skip use skincare before make-upyes!


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