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Currently Android is a mobile operating system that has the largest users, how is it not big, Android itself has about 2 billion active users in the world, this is as announced by Google in May 2017 and maybe for now it has increased, yes, in 2018 alone the number skyrocketed to 3.1 billion active users, whether it’s a user who has not previously used a smartphone or has moved from the next operating system,

Why yes Android can be so successful? From myself, I draw the conclusion that open source or open source is what causes Android to become an operating system that develops very quickly, because it is developed by a community where everyone who is involved in it has various competencies and different colors. -different.

So as to make the Android operating system more colorful, it is proven that there have been a lot of applications that have appeared on the Google Play Store.

Well here we will talk a little about market share. Based on the data we get, Android’s market share controls 75.27% worldwide and leaves 22.74% for IOS. It’s also interesting, yes, in Indonesia too, Android is certainly superior as reported by statcounter which states that Android controls 93, 32% of the Market Share and leaves 5.52% for IOS.


here we will not discuss further in this article about the ins and outs of Android, because here we discuss about Android applications on the Play Store that are useful for your social media.

But hopefully that introduction can add to your insight about Android, the operating system you are using. Oh. Because chances are you will stop by this post if you don’t have a Ki device or a handset or smartphone that has an Android operating system.


point is that there are lots of applications that appear on the Google Play Store which of course can increase your productivity or maybe it can also make you confused because there are too many choices of applications on the Google Play Store, here we summarize what we think is indeed a useful application and has been let’s try, what is it? Let’s take a good look at the following list of useful applications for your social media, Dedek.



For business changing voices into other voices, this voice changer application is very useful for you. This tiny application developed by Android Rock can change your voice into a robot voice, a duck’s voice, a girl’s voice, a child’s voice, and many more choices. It was noted that until the time this article was published or posted, this application had already received 274,000 reviews with 4.4 stars. That is a very interesting number which indicates that this application is very popular, obviously because it has 10 billion downloads.


are several interesting reviews, one of which says that this application is very user friendly and can be made to have fun with friends on Messenger social media because it is clear that this application can change the sound. Of course, here, as a writer, I suggest not to misuse this application to do bad things, okay? because all applications are actually good only the users who make the application good or the application will be bad.

The following is a display of the voice changer application or commonly known as Voice Changer Android rock made.

And this is the result of our test of this useful voice changer application on Android in video form



you like 3-dimensional characters, you can use this application to create 3-dimensional character Avatars. This Zepetto was made by Snow Corporation, and has already received 407,000 reviews, with a 4 Star rating. Its size which is only 89 MB when downloaded makes this application quite light, but indeed this application requires an internet connection. Since this article was published, Zepeto has reached more than 10 billion downloads, which indicates that this Zepeto application is very popular.

The following is a display of Zepeto as an application to create a three-dimensional Avatar that you can customize according to your own style and maybe also your style that shows what your personality is like.

Here we have also made a video that we have tried ourselves, the Zepeto application in making my three-dimensional character which I will make as a character or Avatar on social media such as Instagram, for example, or Facebook, or WhatsApp or it could be other social media. is the type of person who is shy then this application is perfect for you.


If you like two-dimensional characters or cartoons, this app is perfect for you. Because the FaceQ application developed by lemon Inc. can realize your dreams easily with just a few clicks. This 2-dimensional Avatar maker application already has around 594000 reviews with 4.4 *. This cartoon Avatar maker application only has a size of 17 MB on the Play Store, and since this article was published this cartoon Avatar maker application has gotten 10 billion downloads, interesting isn’t it, of course. So basically here you can make a cartoon Avatar according to your own style or desire because you will arrange it yourself. There are interesting reviewers who say that this application works very well, and is very easy to use like me who wants to make cute and cartoon-inspired Avatars.

The following is a display of the FaceQ application that we can use to create cute 2-dimensional cartoon Avatars

And here we also include our test video about this application in making a funny 2-dimensional Avatar.

Okay, something like that for useful applications on Android for your social media, of course, here what we will emphasize is all good apps will be bad if misuse this app for bad deeds.

Hopefully this article is useful and see you later.


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