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For you culture lovers, there’s nothing wrong with visiting this place which is an hour from the city of Solo. Or for those of you who are bored with vacations that are just ‘selfies in instagramable places’, this place will be a quite different experience.

So, what can you do in the Kepuhsari Puppet Village? Please see the writing and photos below!

1. Trying to make a Puppet

Want to know how to make a puppet like this?

In this village located in Wonogiri Regency, you can learn to make puppets from scratch. Maybe not as direct as I hold in the photo. Because already master it also took a long time to complete.

You can start by ‘cutting’, aka punching holes in this dried cowhide with a motif with the tools provided.

Menatah Puppet (Want it like this)

Menatah puppets (which actually happened)

It was frustrating yet very fun!

Psst! This wayang skin can be cooked! Usually stir-fried with green chilies. It tastes like thinly sliced ​​gravel.

2. Enjoying the Joy of Kepuhsari Village

This village has a very calm atmosphere. serene. The sound of the wind can be heard clearly.

I live in one of Mbah Wandi’s homestays. This traditional Javanese house has a very large size to live alone. That’s why Mbah Wandi is very happy when someone comes to stay. We are considered his own grandchildren.

“The house is indeed big, but it becomes cramped during Eid because all of the children and grandchildren go home,” said Mbah Wandi with a smile

In some houses, there are still many people who raise livestock. Cows, goats and chickens are raised in the yard. I’m reminded of Harvest Moon games haha!

Don’t forget to try Wonogiri’s specialty: tempeh besengek!

3. Watching the Reog Show until the Late Night Puppet

14 year old little puppeteer!

I am very lucky. When he came to the village, someone was holding a celebration to celebrate the circumcision of a child. Besides being able to eat for free #eh, I also got the opportunity to watch various kinds of art performances! From reog dance to all-night puppet shows!

Unfortunately there is no subtitle file that we can download so I don’t understand what the mastermind is saying. But it looks really fun. Several times I saw the audience get serious and suddenly turn into laughter.

Reog Ponorogo Dance

4. Watching the Sunrise at the Top of Mount Box

Photo spot at the top of the box mountain

Kepuhsari Village also has an Instagram-able spot to enjoy the sunrise, namely Mount Box. Although not cold, but the wind is quite strong. So make sure to bring a windproof jacket.

How to get to Kepuhsari Village?

From the city of Solo, it is about an hour or two by car. If public transportation may be a bit longer.

For those who are interested here, you can contact Wayang Village on Instagram @wayang.village. They can arrange whatever you need there, including pick ups or a puppet show in non-Javanese language haha!

Thank You!

Don’t forget to watch my experience there in the vlog below. Don’t forget to like & subscribe!

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