Variants of Modern Women’s Loafers

Loafers are not shoes that are reserved for men only. In fact, loafers have been a trend for women since the 19th century. The following article reviews what loafers are and tips for choosing modern women’s loafers so that your steps are sweeter.

If you are confused about choosing a modern women’s loafer model, you are right here. This article discusses the types, models, and tips for choosing modern women’s loafers that can make your every step look cool.

These leather shoes can make anyone who wears them look more authoritative. Therefore, it is very suitable for use on formal or formal occasions. However, do you know why it is called pantofel?

If you are curious and want to know the answer, just read this article to the end. This article will discuss what loafers are and their types. In addition, it is also explained how the tips in choosing it wisely.

Loafers are synonymous with men, but that doesn’t mean women can’t wear them. In fact, there are many models of loafers for modern women circulating. What are you waiting for? Just take a look at the reviews, check it out!

What are loafers

This term is usually used to refer to formal style shoes. This means that the model is very suitable to be worn in conjunction with work clothes or other formal situations. However, did you know that this term actually comes from the Dutch language, namely pantofell.

This term according to the origin of the language more or less means short shoes that allow the feet to enter and exit easily. I hope this affects the meaning pantofell in Indonesian. Thus, the KBBI states that the meaning of loafers is shoes that have the upper part closed and are easy to put on and take off.

Some think that shoes pantofell only for men. In fact, since the early 19th century, this model has become a trend for women. In fact, in the 1950s, teenage women’s loafers became a trend in Europe and America.

Along with the times, the way of using loafers changed from using socks to changing without socks. The habit of using it has also changed from what was previously for formal events to casual. The models have become more diverse and the materials are not only leather, but can also be made suede or other synthetic materials.

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Variants of Modern Women’s Loafers

Pantofel by Indonesians is usually used to refer to formal shoes. Therefore, even though the model is Mary Jane, oxford, derby, it is still called loafers.

The following are some types of modern women’s loafers. Hopefully it can be an inspiration in choosing women’s loafers for college or office work.

1. Mary Jane

Source: Instagram – thestrategist

People may know Mary Jane more as Spiderman’s lover. However, that is not what we will discuss now.

Mary Jane, which will be discussed this time, is a model of teenage women’s loafers that have been around since the 1930s. The development of the times and technology made Mary Jane’s appearance even more changed. Mary Jane was very influential on the development of loafers for young people and adults.

There is one characteristic of Mary Jane that is unique and can distinguish it from other models, namely the presence of strap on the back of the leg. Strap is a kind of rope that is useful as a fastener so that it is not easily separated from the foot.

2. Loafers

Source: Pretty Designs

Presumably, this loafer is none other than loafers. The model without straps makes it easy for people to put it on and take it off. These loafers or loafers are also known as slip-on.

Loafers seem semi-formal and are also suitable for use in casual situations. So if you want footwear that is both formal and casual, loafers are the right choice. It can also be used to work in the office and will add to your cool appearance.

Over time, the variety of loafer models also increased. Various accessories are added to sweeten it, such as metal ornaments and straps.

Loafers with metal decorations are commonly referred to as loafer bits. While the straps are better known as moccasins.

3. Oxford or Balmoral

Source: Instagram – shoeslecom

This type actually does not include loafers because there are straps so it is a little more complicated to put on and take them off. However, pantofel in the sense referred to by Indonesians would be dress shoes. So the oxford model is also included in the category of modern women’s loafers.

This oxford or balmoral uses a rope to fasten it to the foot. This model is probably the most formal among the other models. Very suitable for you to use at important office events.

Balmoral is designed for men to look more masculine. However, in the development of the world fashion, appeared oxford designs for women.

4. Derby or Bluchers

Source: Instagram – shoeslecom

This model is almost similar to Oxford. The difference is in the placement of the rope.

On the derby rope there is an additional layer that functions as a fastener. Just like the oxford, this derby is also very suitable for use on formal occasions.

The development of the model made the derby and oxford more varied. Starting from the right or heels low to high, as well as color variants that are very feminine.

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Tips for Choosing Women’s Loafers

Choosing modern women’s loafers must be adjusted to several things. Adjust your footwear to the situation, the clothes you use, and the last one is your budget.

Here are some quick tips in choosing modern women’s loafers that you need to pay attention to. Listen wisely.

1. Make sure the size of the sole of the foot

Before choosing the right footwear model, the most important thing to consider is the size of the foot. Don’t let it be because you like the model, you buy it without looking at the size. One-one is even too small or too big so that the shoes are not used.

2. Pay Attention to Quality

Raw materials greatly affect the quality of shoes. This quality will determine how durable and comfortable it is when used.

Basically, loafers are made of genuine leather. The leather itself has various qualities, such as premium, quality A, B, C, to the lowest quality.

There are also materials that are imitation leather or commonly called synthetic. This material is certainly of lower quality than leather. However, technological developments have made synthetic materials able to compete with leather products.

So, if you are looking for cheap women’s loafers, choose synthetic materials but of good quality. Cheap here is not cheap, but a little more affordable than leather.

3. Customize with Clothing

Match the shape and color of your shoes to the clothes you wear. The clothes used depend on the particular situation so the footwear must be appropriate or commensurate.

If you are working, you will wear formal clothes. Then choose the shoes that simple with the color of loafers in general, which is a dark color.

Meanwhile, if your clothes are casual, you can try loafers with light colors. Experiment with modern models and unusual colors.

Don’t forget to adjust it to your posture. If you have a slim body, it will be very suitable if the toe of your shoes is pointed. Don’t even wear shoes with wide ends because it will make your body look thinner.

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Confidence Begins with Your Footsteps

Thus a review of the variant types and tips for choosing modern women’s loafers. Short but enough for you to use as a reference in decorating your feet.

If you want tips and other info about fashion, beauty, or health, you can visit other articles on this site. Not only feminine things, there is also inspirational content, about artists, and humor. That’s all, greetings.

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