Various Types of Doors For Your Dream Home

Various Types of Doors For Your Dream Home

Various Types of Doors For Your Dream Home – In a house, the door becomes one of the most important components. Not only serves to protect the house, but the door is also an aesthetic that will make the house look attractive.

As we know, there are various types of doors according to the material and model. For your dream home, of course you want to choose a door with the best metal to make it safer. In addition, the model can also be adjusted to the concept of the house.

Well, to make it easier for you to choose the door of your dream house, let’s look at some of the types of doors below.

Various Types of Doors For Your Dream Home

Several types of doors for dream homes, ranging from wooden doors to aluminum doors. For more details, let’s see below.

Wooden door

Types of Doors For Home

The first door model is a wooden door. Wood is the most common material used for house doors. Not only on the frame, but the use of wood material is also applied to the door leaf. With a good model and finishing, wooden doors will make your home look attractive and natural.

Solid wood and processed wood are wood materials that are often used to make doors. The best known is solid wood which is the result of natural wood cut directly to order. Then this wood is formed into various door models.

Meanwhile, processed wood is made from solid wood that has gone through the smelting process or the process of preparing wood splits. After that, the material is formed into various sizes, then the result is known as MDF board, blockboard, plywood or teakwood.

This type of wooden door is very suitable for use in various home models. In addition, it is easy to shape and will create a natural impression on the dwelling.

Panel Door

Types of Doors For Home

In addition to wooden doors, there are also panel door models. This type of door is made of several wood panels such as HDF, MDF, blockboard and so on. This type of door is widely used as a choice because the price is relatively cheap. For a more attractive appearance, this type of panel door can be combined with glass material.

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