Various Types of Kitchen Equipment and Their Functions

The kitchen is one of the rooms that is quite important in a special house because there all the food served on the dining table is created.

However, a kitchen cannot be useful and cannot produce food if it is not equipped with equipment that supports the cooking process.

This kitchen utensil is quite essential in the cooking process because the presence of this equipment makes the cooking process easier.

However, each kitchen utensil has its own function which is specifically made to produce or carry out a cooking process activity.

In this article, we will discuss some essential kitchen utensils for you to have and their functions so that you don’t make mistakes in using them.

1. Stove

Various Types of Kitchen Equipment and Their Functions

The most important tool for you to have in the kitchen is the stove because this tool is a tool that can produce fire which is useful for processing various types of food.

On the market you can find various types of stoves ranging from gas to oil electric stoves, of course, each stove has its own advantages and disadvantages.

However, for home users, the most ideal stoves that you can choose are gas stoves and electric stoves because they are easy to use and maintain.

In addition to the various types, the stove also consists of several stoves that you can choose according to your needs.

2. Wok

Various Types of Kitchen Equipment and Their Functions

In addition to the stove, another important thing that you need in the kitchen to help with the cooking process is a frying pan.

A skillet or commonly called a frying pan is a concave shaped tool with a material generally made of stainless steel which is able to conduct heat.

Because of these characteristics, it is not surprising that wok is often relied on to make various types of dishes ranging from dry dishes to wet dishes.

In the market you can find various types of pan sizes that have different capacities that are intended for various foods.

3. Pan

Various Types of Kitchen Equipment and Their Functions

Well, this one tool is no less important than stoves and pans, namely pots. This tool is almost the same as a frying pan, the function that distinguishes this tool is only for boiling, not for frying or sauteing.

This pan serves to cook water, vegetable soup, soup, and other soupy dishes. You can even cook rice using a pan, and the results are also much tastier than cooking rice using a rice cooker.

The pan is also one of the equipment that must be available to fill and complete your kitchen.

4. Spatula

Various Types of Kitchen Equipment and Their Functions

Spatula is a kitchen utensil that helps us when frying and sauteing. Spatula is also the tool most often used when cooking.

Spatula comes with a variety of different basic materials such as wood, plastic, stainless steel, stainless steel, of course, each spatula has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, a steel-based spatula will last longer than a wooden or plastic spatula. However, a steel-based spatula will quickly damage or scratch the pan.

5. Kitchen knife

Various Types of Kitchen Equipment and Their Functions

As you already know, this one tool clearly must be in your kitchen. Knives can help you when cutting chilies, meat, onions, and others. In addition, a knife can also help you when peeling, peel onions, potatoes, fruits, and others.

Knives come in different sizes and with different shapes. Of course, different sizes and shapes have their own advantages and disadvantages.

6. Cutting board

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One of the common activities in the cooking process is cutting the ingredients needed to make processed foods.

To facilitate the cutting process, besides of course you need a knife, you also need another tool, namely a cutting board.

This cutting board is a flat board-shaped tool that can be made of wood or plastic that is useful as a place for you to cut food ingredients.

7. Slicer

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The next kitchen utensil is a slicer. This tool serves to drain water, oil, and others.

This tool also comes with a different shape just like other equipment which of course also has a different function as well.

8. Blender

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Most people must already know the function of this one kitchen tool. But there’s nothing wrong with that, I also re-explain the function and its use to make it clearer.

The function of a blender is to break or grind food into a finer form.

Because of its function, it is not surprising to say that this tool is quite important to have in the kitchen.

Because this tool can be used to refine important ingredients needed to make food, besides that this tool is also used to make juices and others.

9. Cutlery

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The last tool that is no less important is cutlery, although it is not specifically intended to help the cooking process, but this tool is very important for you to have in the kitchen.

There are various types of cutlery that you need to complete, namely spoons, forks, plates to spoons that you can easily find on the market.

Why is it important? Because even though we as Indonesians are accustomed to eating with our hands, it does not mean that this habit is embraced by everyone.

In addition, for some types of food, it is not possible to eat without tools such as gravy or wet food.

These are kitchen utensils and their functions that you must know and must have in your kitchen to fill and complete the emptiness of your kitchen.

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