Various Wardah Foundations on the Market

Wardah’s various foundations have different advantages that can be adapted to the needs of the skin.

One of the must-have make-up products is foundation. For a safe and long-lasting foundation, you can choose the Wardah brand. Well, here are the various Wardah foundations that you can choose according to your needs.

This foundation has medium to high coverage who are able tocover all black spots on the face. This product contains macadamia oil which makes the skin feel more moisturized. Interestingly, this product is suitable for use by all skin types.

The packaging of this product is quite attractive. With a pump bottle, you can more freely remove the contents of the product without worrying too much. In addition, this product is also packaged quite luxuriously and looks elegant. Sure looks cool.

2. Wardah Luminous Liquid Foundation

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For those of you who like foundations with semi-matte results, you can try this product. This product has a fairly affordable price and is packaged in spill-resistant plastic packaging. For coverageThis product itself is able to cover black marks on the face.

The texture of this foundation is quite thick, so it is easier to blend into the face. You can choose 4 shade This foundation, namely natural white, beige, light beige, and natural is appropriate skintone.

3. Wardah Luminous Creamy Foundation

Wardah also issued a foundation with a dense texture. The difference is, this type of foundation has coverage higher than the liquid type. Even so, you can still use it everyday to cover black spots on the face.

This type of foundation is also suitable for use during traveling. You don’t need to hesitate when carrying it, because the packaging is shatterproof. One of Wardah’s various foundations has 3 shades, namely natural white, light beige, and natural.

4. Wardah Exclusive Creamy Foundation

This foundation is very practical for everyday use. This product is packaged in a small jar, complete with sponge and mirror. Very suitable for those of you who like to travel. For coveragehis own medium to full which can even out skin tone and anti-fail to cover black spots on the face. Interestingly, this product is also equipped with a UV protector, you know?

5. Wardah Lightening Liquid Foundation

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This Wardah Foundation is a new product that was launched recently. The packaging is practical in a small tube with a 25 ml package. The texture is also very light, but is able to cover all black spots on the face. In addition, this foundation is also enriched with vitamin E which can maintain the skin’s natural moisture.

You don’t have to worry about using this product in the morning and doing learning activities until noon. This is because there is already SPF 30 PA+++. In addition, this foundation also does not leave white cast. You can choose 4 shades of foundation, namely light beige, beige, ivoryand natural according to skin condition.

6. Wardah Instaperfect Mineralight Matte BB Cushion

This cushion is complexion premium from Wardah products. This product is able to cover black spots on the face and keep the face moist. Colored packaging rose gold which looks luxurious and elegant.

7. Wardah Exclusive Flawless Cover Cushion

This Wardah Cushion has a beautiful finish glow and looks healthy. Interestingly, this cushion has coverage high, so the face looks more flawless. This cushion has been applied to the face with the sponge provided in the package. In this product, you not only get the make up you want, but also healthy skin, because there is already a moisturizer in this product. You will be satisfied and happy.

Wardah’s various foundations can be chosen according to your needs. It’s a good idea to choose a foundation shade at the official counter to get the right shade.

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