Various Wardah Lipsticks on the Market

The following types of Wardah lipsticks can be selected according to your needs. Adjust to the shade and budget when buying.

Wardah has a variety of beauty products that are safe to use and have been certified halal by MUI. Not only facial care products, Wardah also has make-up products that have various types of products.

One of Wardah’s products that women are interested in is lipstick. For those of you who are looking for lipstick from Wardah, it’s good to know the various types of Wardah lipsticks.


Matte lipstick from Wardah is a make-up lip product that is easily found in various cosmetic stores. This matte lipstick product has a variety of shades that can be adjusted to suit your needs skintone as well as activity. You can try Wardah Colorfit Ultralight Matte Lipstick or Wardah Exclusive Matte Lipstick products which are very light to use and of course have an affordable price.

2. Moist Lipstick

In addition to matte lipstick, Wardah also has moist lipstick products with a variety of shade the beautiful one. This lipstick has a light texture and satin finish. This type of lipstick will not dry out the lips and the lips will be nourished by the moisture contained in this type of lipstick. The moist lipstick product from Wardah that you can use is Wardah Exclusive Moist Lipstick which is available in various shade attractive color.

3. Matte Lip Cream


Matte lip cream is Wardah’s most popular product and is widely used by women. With the latest lip cream formula, Wardah provides a breakthrough lip cream that doesn’t dry out the lips. The texture is quite light and is able to cover even dark lips. The matte finish makes this lipstick last long, because it is transferproof.

You can choose Wardah Exclusive Lipcream Matte products. This lip cream product is available in 20 attractive shades that you can try with a price range of only 50 thousand. Apart from the Wardah Exclusive series, there are also Wardah Instaperfect Mattesetter Lip Matte Paint products which have 9 shades and are worth trying.

4. Lip Crayons

Lip crayon is a make-up lip product from Wardah that you can try. This product is one of Wardah’s lipsticks that you can try. Wardah lip crayon has a matte finish that will not dry out the lips. The lip crayon product from Wardah is Wardah Instaperfect Gloss Chic Lip Crayon which has 6 shades.

5. Liptint


In addition to lip cream, Wardah lip tint is also liked by women. Not only can be used for lips, Wardah liptint can also be used as a blush. Surely so practical right? Especially if you use it for traveling.

Wardah Liptint itself has a light texture and easily absorbs into the lips and cheeks. For the color itself, there are 3 shades to choose from and interestingly, one product is only sold for 30 thousand. Buying liptin is the same as the price of a soul’s promise of coffee, which sometimes I can drink twice a day.

6. Lip velvet

Lip velvet is also a popular lip make-up product from Wardah. In addition to its light texture like not wearing lipstick, Wardah Colorfit Velvet Matte Lip Mousse also has a matte finish and is very smooth. There are 8 shades to choose from and you can buy them for around 60 thousand only.

7. Lip gloss

If your lips are quite dry, it’s better to use Wardah Hydrogloss. This lipstick contains squalane and jojoba oil which can help moisturize the lips and give a natural hue to the lips. There are 4 shade lip gloss that can be selected and suitable for use at home.

Knowing the various types of Wardah lipsticks will make your makeup look fresher and more beautiful with various beautiful colors like the color of a flower that is blooming beautifully. It’s a good idea to choose the right lipstick shade to support your makeup appearance, right?

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