Venom vs Spider-Man in No Way Home?

SPOILER ALERT! For those of you who haven’t watched it yet Spider-Man: No Way Home.

For those of us who have watched Spider-Man: No Way Home, certainly still remember the 2 credit scenes. Yes, one of the scenes or the specifics of the scene mid-creditfeaturing Eddie Brock aka Venom (Tom Hardy) from two films Venom Sony.

In the scene, Eddie and Venom (who is in him), are already in the world / earth MCU. This is of course because of the teleportation scene in the credits scene Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021).

Well when watching the scene credit Venomnya, no doubt we are getting super hype to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home. We also immediately have a myriad of theories and speculations. I myself speculated that Venom would be a member of the team Spider-Man: No Way Home against Spider-Man (Tom Holland).

I also had the opposite theory, aka, Venom will help Spidey against 5 villains contained in the film. But all these theories did not happen at all. Instead, Eddie and Venom were in a small bar, relaxing and chatting with the owner (Cristo Fernandez).

id="h-draf-awal-adalah-spider-man-vs-venom">The Initial Draft Was Spider-Man VS Venom

So when he recaps what happened in the earth MCU, Eddie and Venom are back earth they. Seeing this, don’t be surprised if it’s quite a lot fans very disappointed. Because yes it was. Their expectations were very high. Which one of them, saw the fight between himself and Spider-Man.

Wellapparently in the initial draft of the script Spider-Man:

No Way Home, that is what will happen. This was revealed directly from the screenwriters, Chris McKena and Erik Sommers who recently had an interview with Variety.

According to both of them in the initial draft, they really wanted to feature a lot of Spider-Man characters that weren’t from the MCU. Well, Venom is one of them. He was even considered to participate in the final battle of the film. So it’s not just a scene credit


But after pondering again, Venom plans to fight Spider-Man in the final battle Spider-Man: No Way Home this, will be completely cancelled. Yep, that’s the right step guys. But that’s my opinion. How about you yourself?

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