Very profitable 2021 Business Opportunity

Having a business that achieves maximum results as expected is everyone’s dream.

But in reality, the process to achieve that achievement was not easy, in fact there were many who failed.

Are you one of them?

Because many people have failed to achieve their dreams, people are afraid to open a business.

Especially in the Corona era like this, an era that clearly has the effect of increasing and decreasing the selling value of an item, of course, because the economies of almost all countries are in recession.

However, there is one unique thing behind the decline in economic value around the world due to Covid 19.

According to a simple survey conducted by, there is a 70% potential for the emergence of new business opportunities during the pandemic and these opportunities only require small capital.

Because this era is moving in the 4.0 era, of course this opportunity is not far from the use of digital devices.

Well, for those of you who want to try to open a business, here are some business opportunities that are predicted to be hot in 2021.

The catering business can be said as a business that is still growing quite rapidly even during this pandemic.


fact, there are many catering brands that have skyrocketed compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic emerged.

Indeed, cooking yourself is indeed cleaner and healthier, especially because we can spend more time at home with family.

But what about the taste and dosage according to the nutritional value?

Of course the existence of healthy catering is very helpful. Although more and more people are required to work at home, many of them also subscribe to healthy and unique catering – unique menus and brand appearances.

In addition to being easy and efficient, this system also makes it easier for them to continue to consume healthy foods without being complicated.

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Everyone likes snacks, especially Indonesians. We are a nation that has various types of wet and dry snacks.


snacks such as wingko, lupis, etc. and dry snacks such as various kinds of chips, especially Indonesians, especially Millennials and Gen – Z, who really like to eat crunchy or crunchy foods.

If you are interested in trying this snack business opportunity, you only need to do market research, find suppliers or the best snack recipes, and modify and innovate various flavors and appearances.

Moreover, the capital required is also relatively small.

Another snack business that is currently being popular is the variety of dessert displays ranging from dessert boxes, pudot, brobox, and many more.

Explore your ability to modify the taste and selling potential if you are interested in pursuing a business in this culinary field.

Are you aware that wherever you are, you can find various brands and variants of Special Forces or Kopi Susu.


proliferation of this type of business still opens up lucrative opportunities, you know. The reason is because Indonesia has various types of coffee that can be explored and modified into the contemporary milk coffee.

In addition, a research conducted by IDN Times, there are 32.1% of people worldwide recorded drinking coffee 3 to 5 cups of coffee every day. From the results of this research, you can imagine how big the potential of the coffee business is because people are so happy to drink coffee.

Very profitable 2021 Business Opportunity

Currently, someone who works as a content creator generally makes content on Youtube more promising.

This is in line with public awareness to do digital marketing so that their brand existence is getting stronger by becoming an advertiser or advertiser.

The more advertisers there are, the more content creators there are. Do you also want to work as a content creator, especially on Youtube?

In an era where we are in contact with technology and other digital devices, of course, it has made us more familiar with digital marketing.


this term, the word dropship is better known to the public, in contrast to resellers, which has been widely practiced in the offline trading world.

Well, if you are interested in trying to open a business in 2021, this business practice is still promising, you know.

There are many suppliers who provide special reseller prices that make it easier for us to make a profit.

If we have no capital at all?

Don’t worry, there are still dropships that require almost no capital at all.

All you need to do is play copywriting on sales titles and descriptions and edit the appearance of product photos that are more attractive.

Before Corona came, not all business owners felt they needed to have a website because they felt that their offline sales were enough to cover the company’s monthly cash flow.

But during a pandemic like this, it requires them to get into digital marketing to keep their business afloat, one of which is by creating a website.

If you have the ability to create a website, try to grow your business because a website is like an online store or office for a brand.

So, this opportunity is certainly very promising for those of you who are able to create a website, you know!

SEO is not a new term in the world of digital marketing. This is a unique method that can make a website or blog get a top position in search engines because this method makes the web address easier for Google to recognize.

If you already understand the SEO movement algorithm, then there’s nothing wrong with trying to sell your ability to become an SEO consultant. This profession is predicted to be indispensable until 2021.

It is a public secret that since the Corona virus entered Indonesia, almost all business lines inevitably have to enter the world of buying and selling online if they want their business to continue to exist in the eyes of consumers.

Because of this paradigm, various components of branding for online marketing are certainly needed by all business owners.

One of the most needed online marketing tools is content marketing, ranging from SEO written content, graphics, to videographics.

If you have the ability to write, edit photos and pictures, take pictures and videos, and edit video, to animation, then this opportunity is worth a try.

Very profitable 2021 Business Opportunity

In this pandemic era that requires people to spend time at home, people have to use video conferencing applications and other video and photo-based applications to interact.

Well, because of this condition, many people start hunting for various decoration materials that support the appearance of the walls or space they use as a background or setting for making videos.

This opportunity is certainly very sweet to do at this time until 2021 and beyond.

During this pandemic, many people are starting to realize the importance of maintaining health.

Of course, this is an opportunity for those of you who want to open a business.

You can start by providing drinks that help your consumers maintain their immune and health, namely with this herbal drink.

Luckily, Indonesia is a country that is rich in spices, so you can take advantage of various healthy spices such as ginger, lemongrass, turmeric, cinnamon, and many more.

If you are still confused about the benefits of each spice? Just Google or search on Youtube!

During this Covid-19 pandemic, all activities that were originally carried out at school, are now all done at home.

So, like it or not, study hours are limited, students are no longer able to take part in various extracurricular activities to various seminars at schools and universities.

However, this can be a profitable business opportunity if you have a skill or ability that not many people have and is worth selling.

You can do online classes or online seminars via video conferencing applications such as Google meet or Zoom. Fortune keeps flowing, right?

Those are the eleven business opportunities that are predicted to be in great demand in 2021 and beyond. Even though the world is threatened with the biggest economic crisis and the poverty rate will continue to skyrocket, we must continue to motivate ourselves by continuing to seize business opportunities and work harder.