Video Editing in Free Mobile Video Editing Application VN ( Vlog Now )

RahmanCyber.NET | Video Editing – Currently there are a lot Video Editor app on Smartphoneespecially Android, that’s what we’re going to talk about this time, though… the apps we’re talking about this time aren’t only available on the Android platform, but also on IOS smartphones as well, because they’re available in the app store.

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What is the Video Editing Application?

What’s the application? yup! Application VN friends…. you’re smart… you’re smart…

Loh, if you already know, it means I’m the one who posted late.. hihi, actually I’ve been using this application for a long time.. Eh, let’s try it.. and I was able to record a video using VN.. However, when I wanted to edit it, I uploaded it on the RahmanCyber ​​NET Channel , it turns out that I’ve gone ahead with the next channel hihihi.. and it looks better than the one I recorded using just a screen record.. so I peered first, I didn’t edit it.. and deleted it.. 😀

After that I regret…

why don’t you try to make a better tutorial… :I

It’s okay, let’s try to make a more structured blog here, okay?

What is VN Video Editor Maker VlogNow?

VN Video Editor Maker is an application Free Video Editing which you can use to edit videos without paying (don’t know in the future.

Even though it’s free, but VN ( Vlog Now ) Video Editor can’t be underestimated… why? because the features feel like using a premium application.. and I see the developer is active in developing and updating the application.

vn video editor free

Some standard features like cut cut videos / movies / recordings, add music, stickers, the timeline is also multi-layered, then there is a chroma key or commonly known as a greenscreen.. hehe so it supports keying techniques in after effects / green screen, and some amazing video effects!

Since the beginning of the launch, I feel significant progress later, why? because it is provided for free with features that are quite complete in my opinion for editing vlogs and learning videos directly from your smart phone, all of you. I think the users will increase rapidly, it is proven that now more than 10 million people have installed this VN application.

VN Editor it was developed by VN, LLCthe initial file size is only about 138 Mb, so it doesn’t take up a lot of storage.

As for the version when this article was made VN Version 1.18.2updates February 5, 2021.

number of downloads vn

VN is suitable for both beginners and professional users.

Using VN we can make videos easily, edit videos for YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.

These are the Details of VN Editor Features:

vn features

vn feature 2

* Zoom in/out the timeline
* Tap to split, drag, delete and duplicate video clips
* Save your draft whenever you need a break, so you can continue later
* The timeline is multi-layered
* Supports Curve Speed
* Green Screen / Chroma key / Chroma Key
* Keyframe animation
* Masking
* Add our own music to VN
* Mark music rhythm
* Supports multiple soundtracks and simultaneously adjusts their duration
* Various Music Styles

====== Cool Video Effects ======
* We can change video speed freely
* There are quite a lot of transitions between video clips ( When the article was written there were 21 -+ )
* More than 60 filters (When this article was created)

====== Tools for making subtitles ======
* We can Add title slide, text overlay in Timeline
* We can Change font, color, subtitle size
* We can also Adjust the duration of the subtitles

====== Easy to Share and Save Videos ======
* Save your original video to our camera roll / Gallery
* We can also Share instantly to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more with web link

Interesting, complete and free! It’s perfect for friends in all circles.. oh yes, please note that for the version that existed when we made this article, to be able to use VN Editor, you need to have an Android Smartphone with OS 5.0 and above, meaning Android Lollipop and above..

Hopefully there will be more and more users, because GGWP is really free!

Download VN on the APP Store

Download VN on Google Play Store

Well… Are those of you reading this Using VN Editor to Edit Videos on Smartphones?

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