Video How to Wear a Simple Modern Hijab

Here we summarize videos from several YouTube accounts about how to wear a modern hijab that is easy and simple. Even though it’s easy and seems simple, it can still make you look fashionable and elegant. You will no longer be complicated in dressing up, especially when you are busy and in a hurry.

Want to look fashionable with a contemporary hijab style but are afraid of being complicated? Don’t worry, this article discusses how to wear a modern hijab simple but still make you look elegant. The explanation is also equipped with a video.

Work routines definitely keep you busy so that when you dress up, you tend to look for a hijab with a simple model. However, what happens if the hijab you use is just that without any creative creations? up to date?

For that, you need to try new models today so that you always look good updates and beautiful. You don’t have to spend and take a lot of time to dress up, really. World developments fashion make hijab models that are fashionable and easy to use also develop.

If you are interested in learning to wear the hijab? Just take a look at some of the choices on how to wear a modern hijab in this article. Make yourself look simple but still elegant with a beautiful hijab.

1. How to wear a simple but fashionable rectangular hijab

Video: YouTube – NatashaFarani

Actually there are lots of tutorials on the use of Muslim clothing circulating in cyberspace both on Instagram and YouTube. The first video that will be discussed in this article is how to wear a fashionable rectangular hijab that is simple. You can use this style to go to the office, birthday party, or visit your friend’s wedding invitation.

The model is very simple and does not take a long time. Choose a fabric made from paris so that it is easier to fold and not heavy. You can arrange your hijab directly or use it inside like a ciput to add an elegant impression.

The first step is to fold the rectangular hijab into a rectangle. Place it on the head with both sides of the fabric the same length. Pull the right side of the fabric to the left just above the ear and attach it to the ciput using a needle or safety pin.

Make a small crease on one side of the forehead. Connect the folds using a needle. Then the left side of the cloth that is still long is crossed to the right side and tied at the back of the neck.

So far, it’s actually done. However, you can still be creative again like making drapery or other creations.

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2. How to wear a modern hijab for a round face to make it a little thinner

Video: YouTube – facetofeet

Don’t feel inferior and get bored easily if you say you have a round face or chubby. You can still look charming and beautiful. The key is to stay confident and start experimenting with clothing styles that can reduce the impression of being full on your body.

The video above is the right solution for those of you who have thick cheeks chubby but want to look cool with a hijab. In the video, it is explained how to wear a modern hijab that can manipulate the shape of the face. Not only how to wear them, but also explained additional accessories such as glasses that can create the illusion so that the cheeks look thinner.

In addition to hijab tips, the video also explains things that chubby-faced women should avoid. One of them is to avoid piling hijab. The use of stacked hoods will further widen the head and make you look more chubby.

By following modern hijab tips simple for that round face, you don’t need to feel inferior anymore. Be an inspiration for other chubby-cheeked people so that they no longer hesitate in choosing cool clothes.

3. Instant Modern Hijab Tutorial

Video: YouTube – Tri Atika

The next tip is the instant hijab model. This model is a contemporary model that is loved by many young girls. It’s easy to use, just use it and tidy it up.

This type of hood is very practical and suitable for those of you who have dense mobility. By wearing a model of a veil that stays put and trimmed, you can save time. The shapes are varied and very contemporary.

Hearing the word instant, surely you will think that the results will not be optimal. Don’t get me wrong, as the world develops fashionthe hijab is even more varied up to date. So, for those of you who don’t want to be complicated and want to look Islamic but still cool, try this instant hijab.

This instant hijab can be very flexible combined with many types of clothing. Not only used in daily activities, you can also combine it with a robe for a party or a batik blouse.

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Look Simple but Still Cool

To be able to look attractive, beautiful, and elegant in hijab, you don’t have to use luxurious and expensive fabrics. With what you have, as long as you dare to experiment and try the tutorials above, you can look elegant and charming. Of course the most important thing is easily and cheaply.

Hopefully this article is useful to inspire you in arranging your hijab. You can share to your friends so that they too can look simple but still unique and interesting.

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