Vincent D’ Onofrio Confident Kingpin Can Be Like Thanos MCU

Actor who plays Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin, Vincent D’Onofrio really believes that Kingpin can be like Thanos (Josh Brolin).

Do you want you to not watch the Disney Plus MCU series until now? Hawkeye, but I’m sure you already know with the appearance of Kingpin in the series. Yes, even though it only appeared in the last 2 episodes, its brief appearance had a very significant impact.

Especially in the last episode a few weeks ago which made us super curious whether he was still alive or indeed he was dead after being shot by Echo (Alaqua Cox). In essence, Kingpin is one of the characters villain My favorite Marvel.

Could Be The Next Thanos

So for those of us who have known Fisk since the comics era, of course, this statement is not surprising. Plus the fact too, he is one of the figures villain Marvel’s strongest. And Onofrio himself agrees with this statement.

Even further, recently through his interview with Toronto Sunit supports the statement or fan theory who said that in the future, Kingpin could become villain as dominant as the MCU’s Thanos. Or in other words, become a figure villain

in the later phases of the MCU.

This is because according to him, Kingpin is very capable of being a character villain super dominant like si Mad Titan the. Therefore, D’Onofrio hopes that in the future he and Marvel can continue to work together so that what he wants can come true.

Kingpin Is The King Of New York Mafia

Vincent D'Onofrio Kingpin Thanos MCU
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Hmm, actually D’Onofrio’s belief that Kingpin can be like Thanos in the MCU is not wrong either. Indeed, both of them are figures in both physical appearance and race, very different from each other.

But if we want to find a common thread between the two, Kingpin and Thanos are both figures villain

who are super dominant and can cause great destruction or trouble.

This is well proven from comics, animated series Spider-Man 90s, as well as series Daredevil Netflix first. In fact, Kingpin is the champ/leader of the New York criminal underworld. All the crime bosses in New York were very afraid of him. Yes, think of it like the Marvel version of Penguin or Carmine Falcone.

But do you agree with Kigpin’s statement that he could be like Thanos in the MCU later?

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