Viral Bride Divorce One Day After Marriage, The Reason Is Shocking


Marrying someone does need careful consideration. We have to really make sure, especially about the feelings that grow between partners.

Unfortunately, this unpleasant experience of a marriage that should bring happiness was not felt by TikTok account user @raisakuu20. On the platform, he shared a brief story of his marriage, which had been agreed to end.

“Short story, maybe God’s way… Sincere,” he wrote as a statement, quoted on Thursday (17/2/2022).

@raisakuu20’s experience is quite sad. He admitted that his partner proposed well, but his feelings were then crushed like dust.

“Proposed as queen, crushed like dust. I have married but still virgin,” he wrote.

As a parent, @raisakuu20 said that his father and mother played a big role in making him strong. They embraced and guided him out of the disappointment.

“Father: Ma’am must be strong, yes!”
“Mama: Ma’am, who is patient, yes. Allah will repay you many times over later…” he said, remembering the words of his parents.

Furthermore, the owner of the TikTok account @raisakuu20 later shared that in his very short marriage, there were many surprising things. It’s about the husband who never touches and only sees himself as a display.

“My wedding was only 1 day. Many things were surprising. He didn’t want to touch me, even just thought of me as a display,” he said.

Until the end. Their marriage was over. The husband does not love himself, but another figure who is both a man.

“In the end, everything is over. He not loving me but ‘Him’,” he continued.

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