Vladimir Putin mocked as Russian troops fail to capture Ukrainian village in tenth attempt | World | News

Russia has tried and failed to capture the village of Chornobaevka ten times, according to Ukrainian presidential adviser Aleksey Arestovich. Video shared by Ukrainian officials online shows the “tenth defeat of the Russian invaders at Chornobaevka”. The continued failure to seize the village came as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said last night that his country’s forces had dealt “a strong blow” to the Russian military.

Mr Arestovich told a news conference that Russian troops had tried to take Chornobaevka for the tenth time, but the attack again ended in failure.

After this, the head of the nearby Mykolaiv State Administration, Vitaly Kim, published a video showing the “defeat” when an explosion erupted on the outskirts of the village.

The resolute village has become famous in Ukraine for its defence, as President Zelensky praised Chornobaivka last weekend for fending off six invasions in that time.

He said: “Ukrainian Chornobaivka will go down in war history. This is a place where the Russian military and their commanders have shown their true selves – incompetent, capable of easily turning their people over to slaughter.


military has exterminated the invaders near Chornobaivka six times.

“Six times, yet they keep coming back.”

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Online users laughed at the latest Russian fiasco and praised Ukraine’s disobedience, with one Reddit user commenting: “At some point, I think any military intelligence agency that sees this must be wondering how bad the rot in the Russian military is.”

One visavillem user added: “So this is the 10th time. Are the Russians trying to lure the Ukrainians into throwing away ammunition with some worn/broken equipment, or are they just really stupid, so they keep stepping on the same rake over and over again? “


user on Reddit adfgqert posted: “Ukrainian people have determination and determination that goes beyond what I think is normal.

“Beyond inspirational and they take the fight for what they believe in to a whole new level for me.”

This comes amid ongoing setbacks for Russian military forces in the country’s south.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Russia had withdrawn most of its helicopters from the strategic airport in Kherson, in southern Ukraine, according to satellite imagery.

Kherson was also the site of several local protests against the occupying Russian army.

The official said: “We can’t confirm exactly who controls Kherson but the bottom line is, it doesn’t appear to be as solid as Russian control as before.

“That would make it very, very difficult for them to do any earthmoving in Odesa.

“That would be a significant development, no doubt, in terms of the southern part of the war.”