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Vladimir Putin’s top generals likely to tiptoe around war’s ‘disastrous truth’ | World | News

With the war now into its fourth week, Moscow appears to have failed in its conquest to quickly end an invasion that is believed to take several days. The Kremlin has now announced it will scale back its attacks on Kyiv as it failed to reach the capital amid stiff resistance from Ukrainian defense forces.

Western officials now believe that Putin has been lied to by his top generals who feel they cannot tell the truth about the heavy losses and lack of progress being made.

One Western official said: “Even if they were able to influence him, would they be prepared to tell the truth about the fairly damaging progress of this campaign?

“I think we’re less sure he’s getting an honest picture on the pitch.”

Another official said: “I think it is also possible in the Russian system various elements will blame each other for the lack of success, so that will also complicate the challenge to the truth.

“People are going to get very defensive about their own failures, and, I think, want to point the finger at someone else.”

The “tactical retreat” by Moscow’s forces is proof of “how badly President Putin miscalculated”, they added.

On a personnel level, Putin has also lost several senior officers on the battlefield, with reports appearing almost daily of the deaths of Colonels and Generals.

It is further reported that Russia may have lost as many as 15,000 troops since the invasion began.

Coupled with the loss of tanks, helicopters, fighter jets and other hardware, Putin quickly realized that his ambitions were being thwarted.

Within Russia’s notorious intelligence agency, huge disparities are also beginning to emerge.

Several senior FSB officers have been held under house arrest as Putin blames them for intelligence failures for the invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine war LIVE: Putin humiliated as Russian troops forced to withdraw

Analysts have often stated Russian troops were not properly informed about their mission in Ukraine, with some being told they would liberate the country from the Nazis, while others were told about a training mission.

The majority of Putin’s force consists of young, poorly trained conscripts with little tactical awareness, led by senior officers who are easy targets for Ukrainian defenses.

Of the many Russian soldiers captured by Ukrainian forces, many stated that they were unsure of their cause and complained of hunger, cold and lack of resources.

Putin now relies on air superiority in combat, using powerful missiles and air strikes on Ukrainian cities.

Calls for a no-fly zone in the country have been largely rebuffed by the West and Nato, who fear engagement with Russian forces will spark a wider conflict.

Has Putin lost his inner circle? Has the Russian President underestimated Ukraine’s defenses? Has Putin now trapped himself in an unwinnable war? Let us know what you think about the ongoing situation in Ukraine, and how Putin has gone so far by CLICKING HERE and joining the debate in our comments section below – Every Vote Matters!

Ukraine has warned Russia’s intention to reduce Kyiv is another lie, and continues to appeal to the West for support.

With Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently speaking to other leaders, a spokesman for Number 10 said they “agreed to the continuing need to support and sustain the Ukrainian people in their fight against Russian barbarism”.

He added: “The Prime Minister underlined that we must judge the Putin regime by their actions, not their words.

“Putin spun a knife in Ukraine’s open wound in an attempt to force the country and its allies to surrender.

“The Prime Minister stressed to his fellow leaders that we must be unrelenting in our response.”