Want Effective Online Learning? Apply these 5 tips below!

Want Effective Online Learning? Apply these 5 tips below!

Effective Online Learning – The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit Indonesia for almost a year since March 2020 has forced everyone to adapt to all kinds of activities on line.

In-person meetings are minimized to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the government finally recommends conducting online learning in almost all regions in Indonesia.

With the implementation of this policy, educators and students are required to adapt in online teaching and learning activities. Especially as educators are required to adapt to technology to carry out learning.

So, is online learning effective? Jagoan Hosting has prepared accurate tips that you can do so that the online learning process remains effective, let’s see what the tips are!

Want Effective Online Learning? Apply these 5 tips below!

1. Make online learning effective by creating an interactive atmosphere

Although it doesn’t have to be face-to-face, you can make online learning interactive in a unique way. Ideally, in learning students do not only listen and listen, but also participate actively such as asking and answering.

Jagoan Hosting does not recommend if the teacher only gives assignments to make summaries. This will actually make students bored quickly and tend to be passive.

Teachers can make the class more interactive by providing opportunities for students to explore online learning, for example, by presenting their work online according to students’ creativity.

2. Try the method project based on learning

You can try one of these methods by giving assignments to small groups in class.

Although it looks like a method that is usually done in face-to-face classes, in this way students are expected to increase their sense of cooperation and empathy even though they are hindered by distance.

By discussing it can also minimize the boredom of students who usually only get one-way online learning.

3. Allocate time or make visits for students who are left behind

Not all students can immediately understand the lesson especially if it is done online.

You can find out the student’s understanding from the test results that you can do once a week, that way you can find out the level of understanding of each student.

You can schedule additional classes for students who are left behind, or you can also make occasional visits to students’ homes to provide additional classes with a note that you are still adhering to the health protocols, Mr. and Mrs. Teachers!

4. Provide opportunities for feedback for effective online learning

Not only does the teacher provide an assessment of the student’s learning process, you can also provide opportunities for students to provide feedback so that learning is even more effective.

Jagoan Hosting provides advice by preparing an evaluation sheet individually on line which can be filled in by students about their opinions on online learning, or students can also convey on the evaluation sheet what material they do not understand, so that you can maximize the teaching and learning process on certain materials in a more effective way.

Don’t let it be because the media used by you as a teacher is still not qualified, it finally affects the understanding of the students. Starting from boredom studying to being able to reduce student motivation to take part in online learning.

For that you need to improve the quality of learning by choosing learning methods, maximizing facilities and utilizing quality media.

Jagoan Hosting can be your solution in utilizing quality learning media with the School Application.

The School Application from Jagoan Hosting is supported by the most flexible hosting, namely Mix & Match Hosting and the best server today, VPS X. With this School Application, you can easily manage the academic system from online exams to announcing graduation easily.

If you have a need for other academic activities you can directly request here, let’s make your school a part of digitizing education easier with Jagoan Hosting!

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