Want Online Business Success? Use These WordPress Tools

As explained in the previous article, there are several reasons why online businesses must use WordPress as a medium. Now we try to review what tools are commonly used for most online businesses in WordPress.

In addition to WordPress plugins & WordPress themes, in fact there are several WordPress tools appropriate and suitable for use by online businesses. What about?

1. WooCommerce (Free)

Want Online Business Success? Use These Wordpress Tools

WooCommerce become the most popular tools used by online businesses that use WordPress as a medium. If you are looking for an online store website that is simple, flexible but also complete, then WooCommerce can be the best recommendation for you.

You can use various types of products that you will sell, both physical and digital. Besides being FREE, WooCommerce provides an opportunity for beginners to build online shop website themselves with WordPress. You just need to buy a cheap domain name for your online store website. This will provide many benefits for your business. Even 42% of online store owners who sell fashion products use WooCommerce.

2. Easy Digital Downloads (Free)

Want Online Business Success? Use These Wordpress Tools

If the products you are selling are digital products, such as ebooks, PDFs, music files, and so on, then Easy Digital Downloads is the answer. Even though it has features like WooCommerce which is used to download files, this feature is not the main one. This tool is a special medium for those of you who sell digital products online. So you can customize the display to suit your customer’s needs.

Although this package is FREE, but if you want to have even more features, then you can use PayPal and Amazon services to make payment transactions. There are also some paid extensions. Other premium extensions include analytics, accounting software, as well as email marketing. You can also add addon packages, which make it easier for you to create online shop website.

This tool offers many excellent features for online shop website. Like the price tag on the product. Even these tools can help you build a mobile-friendly online store website.

This tool makes it easy for online businesses to accept payments from 40 international payment options, both online and in person. So that more customers will feel easier. With Ecwid eCommerce Shopphin Cart Also, customers can add products to their shopping cart only through our Facebook page. Of course this will further expand the reach of customers. Although it is priced at a subscription price of $15/month, it feels satisfied to get complete features.

4. WP EasyCart (Premium)

Want Online Business Success? Use These Wordpress Tools

This eCommerce plugin can customize features to our needs. One of the most needed features and provided by WP EasyCart is Google Analytics. Directly by adding a Google Analytics ID, you can manage the plugin with your online store website.

This tool provides some free features, but of course the number is very limited. For those of you who want to subscribe to more complete tools, you can install it for $50 once.

Want Online Business Success? Use These Wordpress Tools

The last tool is WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart. If PayPal is the payment method you use, this plugin offers a lot of features. This plugin will reduce the complexity of multiple payment methods in one website. And this plugin is provided FREE for any user WordPress online store website.

This is the final decision when you want to have online shop website but do not have expertise in the world of programming, and do not have much time to learn to build a website from scratch. WordPress online store website will run more optimally, when juxtaposed with a special hosting for WordPress.

WordPress Hosting provides a lot of convenience for anyone who uses WordPress online store website. Especially when it comes to dealing with technical matters, such as WordPress updates, Plugins, Themes and so on. The point is you just have to focus on selling, no longer taking care of the technicalities of your WordPress website.