Want to be beautiful, smart, and just like Dian Pelangi & Ririn Ekawati? Here’s How Bun


Mother of the Ages now not only required to be beautiful and smart, but also cuan alias can make money. Yes, like two celeb mothers who are successful in running their respective businesses, namely Dian Pelangi and Ririn Ekawati.

As you know, Dian Pelangi has succeeded in becoming a young designer who is recognized by the world. This 30-year-old women’s hijab fashion design is also often a trendsetter. Stylish hijab products are also very varied in design, ranging from materials to models.

“Dian Pelangi is one of the young designers who are interested in the development of world Muslim fashion, especially hijab collections such as scarves, shawls, and others, both locally and internationally,” he said. Hijup.com.

While in domestic life, Dian Pelangi is now happily living it with her husband, Sandy Nasution, and her little daughter, Rumi. Dian and Sandy just celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary on November 17th, Mother.

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Dian also wrote hopes via uploads on Instagram @dianpelangi:

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary, Love. Brother’s responsibility as a husband is heavy, bro, that’s why I chose to obey. Hopefully I am one of the wives who make your way to Jannatul firdaus easier, May we all gather there again and May Allah bring our household closer in obedience, always. Amen

Coffee shop owner

Like Dian Pelangi, Ririn Ekawati also successful so mompreneur. There’s not only one business, you know, Mother. Quoted from BeautynesiaIbnu Jamil’s wife owns boarding houses, heavy equipment business in Kalimantan, florist, boba drink, batagor, to hundreds of coffee shops.

“The 480s (coffee shop), almost two years,” said Ririn, citing the channel YouTube Ussy Andhika Official.

her name public figures, certainly did not escape the spotlight, yes, Mother. Ririn revealed that he was scorned and even said to have dropped out of class for selling coffee and batagor.

“There are some people who DM.. Ms Ririn comes down to class! Are you not ashamed to sell coffee? Not ashamed to sell batagor? And blaaa blaaa blaaaaaaa,” the mother of two wrote on Instagram @ririnekawati.

Even so, Ririn is grateful because her business continues to survive and thrive during this pandemic. He also feels that he can share jobs, in the midst of layoffs during the pandemic.

Well, Mother is increasingly curious, how did Ririn Ekawati and Dian Pelangi succeed in running their business? Let’s ask them directly inside Talk Show themed: Becoming a 3C Mother: Beautiful, Smart, and #Financial Literate at the event Junio ​​BundaFest supported by Good Time, on Saturday (4/12/2021) at 11.00 – 13.00 WIB, at Trans Studio Mall Cibubur.

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