Want to Change Hosting? Watch This First, Friend!

Do you intend to move from one hosting service to another? If so, you must pay attention to these things before deciding when you want to switch hosting. Why? Because in some cases, switching hosting does not actually bring positive things to you website you, but instead caused a loss for website which you have been building for a long time. The decision to move hosting can have an effect on website ranking including related matters search engine optimization what have you done for the writings inside website you.

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Some of the effects of moving hosting that can occur are:

Speed website you will change, man!

Sometimes, when you want to change hosting, it makes the response speed website You’ve changed, mate! Lucky if you can get a hosting service that makes website

you can respond more quickly. However, there are also hosting services that actually make website you need more time to respond. Response speed change website This is influenced by the technology used by the hosting service provider you are using.

Time website uptime you

Time uptime is time on line from server. Uptime cover how much time web server You work. Otherwise, downtime is the time when website you are not accessible or commonly known as servers down. Time uptime this is greatly influenced by the hosting you use, friend! Therefore, you have to make sure that the hosting service provider you choose is able to make website

uptime you are more optimal. Time uptime which decreases will make ranking Your website on Google also decreases.

Wwebsite you will be more recognized or even harder to recognize Google

When you decide to switch hosting, there are two possibilities that can happen to you: website you. It could be website you are more easily recognized by Google. However, it can also website you’re getting harder to spot by Google. A good hosting service is a hosting service that is able to make website you are more easily recognized by Google. Because, just website that can be recognized by Google that can be entered in ranking.

Your website IP address will be checked again by Google

If you choose a different region when switching hosting, website ranking you will stay safe. You can still stay in position ranking the same as before you changed hosting. However, if you choose a different hosting region, your IP Address will change and this will affect your website

ranking you. You will most likely need to pioneer website ranking from the start again.

So that the decision to move hosting that you take can have a more positive impact on you websites, make sure to pay attention to the specifications of the prospective hosting service you are aiming for. Some things you can pay attention to are:

  1. Hosting regions offered
  2. Look for information related to the technology used
  3. Make sure the hosting service you are aiming for ensures the security of your data
  4. Choose a hosting service whose capacity suits your needs and website visitors you

For more details, you can read articles about choosing a good hosting or VPS for you website you. After you really understand the ins and outs of the hosting service you are aiming for, then you can decide to switch hosting or not. That way, your decision will have a positive impact on you website that you manage. Not only that, website you can have ranking better on Google. Your efforts to optimize website can be realized.

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